Dear Mumbler,

A couple of months ago you received the wonderful news that I and 7 of my friends are going to try and walk 100km in 48hours along a rather scary path across a whole bunch of Japanese mountains to raise £2000 (US$4000) for Oxfam, which is, as I type, working around the clock to relieve the suffering of hundreds of thousands of victims of the Darfur crisis.

Thanks to the immense generosity of our friends, including many of you, we have now raised £1521 (US$3000), but with only 6 days to go until our fundraising deadline, we are at risk of missing our target! If you would like to help us reach our goal, please visit our team website where you can make a donation incredibly easily and quickly. Offline alternatives are also available.

We are immensely grateful to those who have already sponsored us – you can look forward to receiving a staggeringly professional one-off team newsletter once we have completed the challenge.


Official event website: