This morning I wake up of my own accord – a nice change from *Twinkle*’s mobile doing the deed.

My relaxed state of mind was to come to a abrupt halt when I checked the time on my iPod – 12.30pm!

We’d overslept! Today of all days!

Alarmed, I immediately woke *Twinkle* up,

“It’s 12.30pm, you’ve missed your plane!”

It had departed 30 minutes earlier from Narita, two hours from home.

I have never seen her move so quickly. Normally, she takes quite a while to wake up, but on hearing that she was straight out of the futon, banging her head on the loft ceiling.

Whilst privately thinking that this was an absolute disaster, I tried to reassure her, don’t worry, we’ll call the airline and get you on the next flight.

She was having none of it though. If she’d missed this flight, she’d have missed her connections… this was not good.

Why hadn’t her mobile woken us up? She switched it on …and suddenly hit me with the worst swear words I have ever heard her use – a big shock as she rarely swears, and scolds me when I do.

Somewhat confused, I guessed she was just blaming me for not setting the alarm. Until she thrust her mobile in my face – it said 7.30am.

I checked my iPod again, it definitely said 12.30pm. What was going on here? Ah. Hang on. It also said 1st January 2000…

I don’t know what happened there. Must have reset itself. It was interesting though to see what happened in such a time of crisis. For a start, it revealed a side of *Twinkle* I’d not seen before! And fancy her thinking I was just playing a cruel joke… She later explained, when we were laughing about the whole incident, that my (forced) relaxed attitude made her think that I had just been pulling her leg.

She’s now safely on her way to the airport, departing for Chicago in a couple of hours.

That wasn’t the only assault on the senses today. I phoned the Russian Embassy.

My god, if the embassy’s idea of communication is an indication of national character, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we enter a new cold war!