This follows on from my last post

There was one final thing that I wanted to mention, something I’ve been working on and experimenting with this week, and that is, taking the notion that we are all of a single source, and thus inextricably linked. Like the National Grid, or the internet, which sees all linked to all others, but without the cables or ISPs who block torrent downloads.

If we are all thus linked to a single source, then we are a part of all those around us, and they are a part of us.

If you bear this in mind, when sitting on the train look around you at the ‘strangers’, you can’t help but smile, for they all share your source.

It makes it a lot harder to become angry or frustrated with others. Even if you think that I’m talking complete rubbish, you might want to just try it. If you can believe this notion, you may feel a really strong sensation of joy when around other people, as I did when experomenting on the train the other day, and you may possibly even pause to think before punching the nose of the driver who accidentally put his car into reverse when pulling away from the lights in front of you.