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Just for the record

Listen, can you hear that?

Listen carefully.

Yep, you know what that’s the sound of.

It’s me, vocalising the words


And I did, you know.

Long Distance

Tonight was the Japan soc Halloween Party. Fabulous, just fabulous. Everyone made such a big effort to dress up – there were some pretty scary characters there! I’ll post some photos which I think you may like a little later in the week. The status of my Mac has finally changed to “Undergoing Repair”, so I hope that means I can pick it up tomorrow and download the 3GB of photos I have waiting for a receptacle.

I finally managed to get the paint off. It took me a while, but I got there. It should wash off my boxer shorts eventually.

This long-distance relationship thing is getting very difficult. I don’t know why, but I thought it would be easier than this. Choosing not to focus on the fact that *Twinkle* is not here has helped. Just keep her with me, in my heart. Multiple daily email exchanges and a few phone calls have eased things too. But they don’t make up for not having her here with me.

Ne, someone who you can trust completely, someone with whom you can be more yourself than with anyone else, someone who knows exactly what you’re thinking and where you are without a word being exchanged.

I still find it hard to believe that we found each other. My dream come true.

It’s amazing to feel all these feelings of love and attachment. So complex, so powerful; aren’t we amazing, the way we can feel these incredible feelings?

Ho hum. Time for bed. Tomorrow is going to be a packed day. In the morning we have the launch of the brand new WillYaki trailer (I’m unable to update the website at the mo due to being macless), the next step in the success that will be the WillYaki network of Japanese eateries spread right across the world. We picked up the custom-built wagon this morning, which was very exciting. Amazing to see Will’s White Rose Award-winning business idea becoming a reality, very inspirational.

Then there’s lots of lessons. Oh, and hopefully a trip to Meadowhell… busy in the evening too.

Time Management Part 2

One thing that today’s session highlighted for me was just how difficult I find it to say ‘No’. This results in my becoming involved in many different projects – spreading my resources thinly, leading to an overall net loss in effectiveness.

I’ve been trying hard to say No more often. In meetings, where volunteers are called for, I’ve started keeping quiet, instead of feeling bad that this person is going to have to do whatever it is by themselves. I’ve got my commitments, it’s not an act of selfishness, it’s pragmatism.

The real trouble starts though when it’s things I really want to do. Take for example my postcard business. This is something I would love to start (more for a sense of personal satisfaction than to make money), and here is Sheffield, if you have a business idea you’ll find start-up funds being thrown at you left right and centre (some of which we’ve already been beneficiaries of). Once I graduate and leave Sheffield these opportunities will pass – would it be stupid for me to not take advantage of them while I can?

Perhaps if I had no other goals that were more important to me than (for example) my postcard business, then yes, I think it would be. But of course, I do have other goals, the most importnat one being obtaining a degree in Japanese Studies. I really do feel like I’m on a knife edge with this one. My kanji recognition is very poor, as are my speaking skills (at least in the classroom. I’m fine afterwards having daily conversations. My listening skills are good too). My range of vocab has plummeted; I find this somewhat worrying.

So when a friend of mine from Bristol phones up tonight, tremendously excited with a business idea that also appeals to me, I feel bad. I really want to say yes – after all, if we don’t seize the moment it will pass! – but no, I don’t want to do that as much as I want to succeed in my degree course. It hurts doing so, but I force myself to not voice enthusiasm when it comes to discussing my part in things. I can’t live my life for other people! They would never expect me to in any case. They’ll be just fine without me. They always have been, they always will be. Yes, maybe I am missing the opportunity of a lifetime, but they’ll be plenty more.

The battle between living for today and making adequate provisions for the future is a vicious one, and not one that I enjoy.

But, my decision has been made. This year it’s my degree that takes priority. I must work hard to not feel guilty about letting others down, and to not make myself feel that I’m ‘wasting’ my university years by studying. This is what I came here to do. I just have to do it.

Time Management

So, I went to my Time Management session today – a two hour workshop run by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, delivered for free thanks to the university’s Life Skills program.

I thought it pretty ironic when, on leaving the session, I looked at my watch and realised that I’d just missed my 3pm lecture! (A lecture given by a charming, charismatic man who has written a few fantastic books which are available here for you to purchase right now. Make sure you tell him that Joseph sent you).

The presentation itself wasn’t all that helpful. It was all common sense stuff: make lists, have long-term objectives etc. Some of the most innovative and practical tips actually came from other participants. I think the disappointment primarily stemmed from the fact that at the beginning of the session they asked for aspects of time management that we wanted to deal with. “Yep, they’re all great suggestions, and I think we’ll cover them all this afternoon” we were told. And then we didn’t. Perhaps the most useful thing I learnt was ‘Time management is 99% self-discipline’, which is of course a made-up statistic, but it’s been made up for a reason.

Despite this, it was a good kick up the bum. My time management will probably be great this week, and then disappear altogether at the weekend when I get my Mac back.

As you may have guessed, we’re on a bit of a downer today. Poor *Twinkle* has had a
very high temperature for several days now, and being barely able to eat has lost over a kilo since she became ill last Friday.

Then there’s having no music, no phone, no ability to look at photos. The sound works fine on this laptop when it comes to voicing Windows error messages, but other than that not a peep.

Anyway, I guess I’d best make use of this opportunity. I think I might go back to the library, it’ll stop me moping.



Recently what with all these data backups and so on, I’ve been thinking,

“It’s a shame I never kept copies of my original website. All that time I put in to writing my first bits of code… That ghastly light blue colour scheme…”

And then tonight, completely by chance, I stumbled across an archive of old web pages – and look what they had in there

Tame Goes Wild – when it was still in December 2001, just a few months after I first published it.


Incidentally, it was a few years back when I accidentally let slip. It was then bought by some some company that tried to sell it back to me for a million pounds. I said no, and waited. Until today, when I got it back – for 5 pounds. Hurrah! It should be pointing this way within 24 hours.