Today I learnt that I have a temporomandibular disorder – Hurray!! 

Now I get to add yet another section to my healthy-living routine, this one involving me opening and closing my mouth like a relaxing frog.

This afternoon I carried out my most ambitious experiment yet into ‘mind over matter’ – in the dentist’s chair.

I was told that I needed a filling replacing – thus quite bit of drilling would be necessary. 

As I sat there, the noise of the drill going straight through my jaw and into my brain, I thought of the nicest possible things I could think of, which for reasons of decency I won’t share with you here. 

Well, it was so relaxing that I nearly fell alseep, THAT’S how good it was!  

Anyhow, yes, I was told that I have temporomandibular disorder, which is treated by doing regular jaw exercises.

I’m told that I should see results in three weeks – watch this space.

2 Responses

  1. Oddly enough, I was told I was suffering from TMD earlier this year. They told me it may have been linked to stress but they told me to do those ridiculous jaw exercises as well. Avoiding very hard food and gum for a while also helped. After a couple months it died down a bit and it seems to be fine now (touch wood). How bizzare…anyway, good luck.

  2. Yes, that’s what I heard, gum is an absolute no-no, as is biting nails!

    I also heard it can be stress-related, grinding of teeth etc. I know I used to grind my teeth a lot, especially at night, but not recently.

    The exercises are quite fun though 🙂