I just sold a Japanese grammar dictionary on Amazon for £37 – prices are always high at this time of year.

I was a little shocked when I read the email from Amazon though – the buyer was one of my coursemates!

That put me in a bit of a dilemma.

I’ve made the decision to put a tenner inside the front cover, and deliver it by hand (avoiding the Royal Mail strikes). They can always sell it on Amazon when they’re done with it, like I have.

Attended the opening of our friend Panni’s exhibition tonight. Great stuff, all about climate change and spirituality, and featuring 6 tonnes of earth (which I’ll be helping clear up next week!) Right up my street – it was very inspiring. Met the Lord Mayor too, nice chap, quite a fan of Japanese food.

The exhibition space caught my eye, and Will’s too – possibly a joint exhibition next year? I’m sure we could get the university to pay the rent…

Really enjoying my CILASS role. The more exciting things I do the less I want to concentrate on my degree – yet I’m loving that, as it too is exciting!

Anyway, must finish cramming these 9000 miles into fifteen hundred words!


p.s. I LOVE life.

p.p.s. Did I mention that yesterday I took the symbolic (and practical) step of switching my camera from JPEG to RAW mode? Well, I did, and you can almost hear the ground shaking (and my mac’s fan whirring at full speed…!)