It’s all happening. Very rushed entry ahead:

This morning I saw my doctor. She’s lovely, and was so helpful re. my epilepsy and having enough medication to get through a Year in Japan when I saw her in 2004/05.

She was pretty surprised though when I walked in with a few thousand tablets.

Her reaction, when I told her that I had replaced my medication with natural nutritional supplements was initially one of alarm. She though I was crazy to come off my medication without consulting my doctor, but as I explained to her how it all came about she became more and more interested.

“Oooh, now where was it? I had a leaflet about some special diet for young children with epilepsy – all to do with nutrition, but only works with young children… And theer was a program on TV, one of the receptionists gave me a DVD of this one boy who’s epilepsy was ruining his life – and he changed it all through diet and lifestyle adjustments…”

She was pretty delighted really, and seemed to take great pleasure in entering my story into her database – no doubt that will be one to be recounted at her next meeting with the specialists.

Then it was off to the pharmacy to return the drugs. The pharmacist was lost for words, “…but how did you get hold of so much Epilim? Why aren’t you taking it?”

As I recounted my tale again the other staff all gathered around, huge smiles spreading across their faces. I thought that they were suddenly going to burst into applause!

Moving swiftly on, next was the Fresher’s Fair, when hundreds of companies give out bags of free crap to impressionable first years. I was there in my capacity of CILASS student ambassador – it was great to get to know the team better, I really felt at home amongst them and think it’s going to be great fun working with them this year.

Then off to my department to find someone willing to discuss SEAS’ Information Based Learning Programs. Nice to catch up with a teacher I’ve not seen for a long time. I do like the SEAS staff, they are so nice (that includes you Dr. D!). One of them has grown a couple of lemon trees from seed for me after they killed off a baby one that I’d left in their care a couple of years ago! (Perhaps I mentioned that the other day, I forget).

After the meeting I found myself in the paternoster (doorless lift) with someone who looked pretty Japanese. I initiated a conversation, and it turned out she knew who I was alredy. She’s an exchange student from the uni I attended last year in Tokyo – that was quite a surprise as I didn’t think there were any Rikkyosei coming to Sheffield this year.

Finally, I attended a lecture given by an Australia Professor who’s a bit of a hero of mine – Gavan McCormack. Interesting talk in which he explained his reasons for declaring Japan a Client State (of the US). I loved his previous book (which unfortunately I sold on Monday so was unable to get it signed to sell for a lot more!!), great to see him in the flesh.

And then tonight we have the Japan soc intro party, just along the road from where I live (I nipped home for a bite to eat and a blog!). Lots of members this year – no less than 213 actually. A lot of Japanese too which is good for my language acquisition.

Spose I’d better get back down there!

much love

joseph xxx