Just two mentions in the press this week – a double-page spread in a Japanese magazine, and a single page in the internationally unrenowned student newspaper, Sheffield Steel.

I can’t quite remember why I gave them that terrible photo of me kissing a Mongolian herdsman. However, I am delighted that Pepe the Peguin has made it into print – in the hands of the guard in the Forbidden City.

Anyone wishing to see the online version of this story about *Twinkle* and I, do a Google search for

“Joseph & Twinkle” – replacing the word ‘Twinkle’ with another name she sometimes goes by.

You may need your sick bag though and must be prepared for cheese.

2 Responses

  1. Good lord…that was indeed thoroughly nauseating…but, oddly, also kinda sweet.

    Congratulations…I think…

  2. I think your romance is very sweet. I think the potential implication that all Westerners should be on the lookout for a foreign (read: Japanese) partner is indeed nauseating. I still can’t believe they chose to translate that title as The International Couple “Scene”… Nice way to make it sound like everyone’s on the prowl with one thing on their minds!