It wasn’t that bad a day for me personally. It was a bit disquieting though towards the end.

Took my Mac to Apple shop this morning, as it has’t been able to finish burning DVDs lately. Also, the screen got scratched during 9000 miles. And the keyboard surround has split when the lid makes contact.

All will be replaced free of charge next week. It’ll only take them a couple of hours – they’ll fix it in-store.

(Name me a UK Windows vendor that will do that…)

Following that a bit of work for CILASS, a meeting with a tutor, then Japan Soc’s Tandem Learning. I guess I should start to think about adapting to the circumstances: *Twinkle*s here, and that’s a fact. It does throw me though.

Tonight I needed to make a few phone calls, write a couple of emails, and now it’s bedtime. I feel somewhat frustrated that I haven’t studied all that much today.

It’s at times like this that I just have to tell myself, “It does’t matter”. Because, ultimately, it doesn’t. None of it.

I gave all my love, and I am loved. That’s all that matters.

That and the fact that Apple agreed to fix my Mac for free.