So, following today’s Planning Your Dissertation meeting, I’ve decided to give up eating. There clearly isn’t time for it this year.

Spent an hour on the phone to Hiroshima this morning (cost me all of 25 pence). It wasn’t the whole city mind you, ’cause I wouldn’t have understood what they were saying, just one person. (Reminds me though, the other day I had a problem with Skype and as a result had 14 messages played back to me simultaneously. It was almost musical). The person I spoke to is a Sheffield graduate who went on to become a CIR, the job that I’m now very interested in. Two things stick out: no two CIR’s ever have the same job; it’s a great experience.

My MacBook is going in for major surgery on Friday morning. No Mac for up to a week – How will I survive? I was thinking, I just can’t go without a computer at home for that long, not now when there’s so much going on, so I asked a friendly department at uni if they’d lend me one – and they did! I am very grateful. Thank you to them.

It’s a Windows computer though – an Acer I think. I must be prepared for frustration. Back to the dark days of BSODs (Blue Screen of Death), and restarts between program installs. My blogs over the weekend may just consist of endless combinations of swear words, and pictures of Bill Gates with his willy caught in a DVD drive.

With the imminent arrival of Apple’s new OS, Leopard, I’m thinking I might as well format my MacBook’s hard drive before I drop it off. That would also eliminate the risk of being arrested for harbouring abusive data, that being all the lude messages I’ve received from readers of The Daily Mumble over the past 5 years.

Anyway, it’s chilly, I need to put my hat on.

xxx joseph