I received the following email a few moments ago. Made me smile!

Just thought I’d update you on the progress of your Mongolian phrasebook which is travelling the world without you. I had a great time in Mongolia whihc has to be one of the most empty and beautiful countries in the world – nearly got caught in the bubonic plague outbreak and survived a snow storm.

The phrasebook is now in the company of a NZ guy called Justin who has bought a jeep to travel the countryside – so will definitely need it.

I am now in Pingyao in China. I went straight to Erlian on the train and then the bus to Beijing and in the company of a lovely Chinese woman who was on holiday so went very smoothly. Then I got here via Datong and Wutai Shan. I am enjoying it, but finding the pollution tough.

Hope you had an interesting journey home

Ruth (from Sheffield to whom you lent the said phrasebook in Irkutsk, Siberia)