It’s all Well Wiggy

Big congrats tonight to our friends L&P for securing their first buy-to-let property – inspiring stuff! Apologies to Rick, Nic & Lianne for taking over the SEAS Open Day – I think the public-speaking bug has well and truly got me, I’m lovin’ it! (sorry, again, Ronald). For tomorrow’s Japanese speaking class I have to […]

Woop Woop it’s another great day in Life

Yo Yo Wiggy! Great start to the day – news that a close friend has had their business idea shortlisted for a £100,000 prize! Now we’re just waiting on our phone call to tell us that our business idea went through too! This afternoon is the first of our department’s three annual open days. I […]

What If?

Listening tonight to one of the audiobooks that has helped me most, There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by W. Dyer, I’m reminded of something I tell myself all the time, yet do not fully embrace – there is no ultimate goal to be reached, there is only now. I’m also reminded of […]

Productivity and happiness

Wow, another productive day. I’m finding proper planning so useful – by putting absolutely everything in my calendar and then printing it out a-week-to-a-page, I feel in control even when I have a hectic schedule.I can see it all laid out before me. Today’s was particularly busy. Starting at 6am: 2 hours of part-time work, […]

Interview Manners in Japan

NO NO no nono nononono If it was a piss-take it would be funny. …But as it’s real it’s positively scary. Someone, save that country! A guide to Interview Manners for graduate jobseekers in Japan. (If unable to see video watch it here)

The *Twinkle* Fund

This morning I got a warning from the company that hosts the podcast I recorded in Japan last year, A Year In Japan. “Our bandwidth monitoring systems have detected that you have currently used100% of your available monthly bandwidth. The good news is your podcast is very popular! Please be aware, however, that if you […]

Changing the face of the globe

Whilst researching the Three Gorges Dam for a presentation I have in a few weeks, I came across this talk by the photographer Edward Burtynsky, taken from the excellent TEDTalks series. I found it pretty terrifying. Familiar too in the case of Shanghai. But inspiring too – a single person can make a difference. Visit […]

Astral Weeks

Last night, lying on my bed exhausted, I picked up my remote control and began to idly browse my music library. There’s so much stuff in there that a lot of it is rarely heard, buried beneath thousands of other songs that have been lucky recipients of a couple of stars at some point in […]

Letting fear get the better of me

I can’t help but feel a sense of disappointment for not dealing with my fear towards my Japanese presentation today at an earlier date. This fear, which saw me spending ages creating a Keynote presentation (only to scrap most of it when I found out it was way too long), resulted in my failing to […]


Caw blimey, whoever invented this life thing, they get Top Marks. I’m lovin’ it! Today was yet another superbly sublime day. Thank you everyone who was in it; I hope it was sublime for you too. I was just looking at some photos of *Twinkle*, who I haven’t seen now for, er, over THREE MONTHS! […]

The good times

We are feeling good. Very good. Today was a good day. It started last night. It must have been about midnight when I picked up the Japanese book. I was restless, and feeling bad about having done so spectacularly badly when tested on Keigo (polite Japanese) in class that morning. There was one consolation though, […]

Differing attitudes towards smoking

With the Japanese government holding the majority of shares in one of the world’s largest Tobacco company, Japan Tobacco (“The Delight Factory”), one could argue that this first ad is Government-sponsored. As is the second one, from the UK.

Bjorky baby

At long last, a dream I’ve had for over 10 years is set to come true. A date with Bjork. I’m just 5 rows back from the stage! Big thanks to JJJ for the tip-off. 🙂


A message from one of the masses: “Joseph, Did you know that your web site is a google whack?!!!!!! i managed to find your site by putting 2 random words into google, they were Amazing !!!! you are the only person on the web to have these 2 words on the same web page!!!

A time of darkness

As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit stressed of late. Why? Deadlines, confusion over what I’ll do after I graduate, financial concerns. Being ill with a very bad cold left me feeling too shattered to exercise, and I turned to junk food to deal with stress. Mr. Kipling Mince Pies, Buy-one-get-one-free. Magnum Ice […]

What NOT to do when applying for JET

Whatever you do, WHATEVER you do, DON’T click on ‘Back‘. I’m just trying to convince myself that there is a good reason why I have just lost 2 hours worth of stuff entered into the JET job application form. I just can’t see it yet. 3 hours later…[Update] Ok, so I’d missed a couple of […]

Academia vs. ‘Other stuff’

In their welcome comment on my previous post, “Anonymous” expressed the view that a half of me is expressing. That is, that having made the decision to concentrate on my degree which is after all the reason I came back to the UK, I should stick to that, and not be sidetracked so much by […]


6.30am Up to go pick up Takoyaki trailer and tow it to trading position 7am Breakfast, deal with 16 emails that came in overnight 8am Jog down to hire car place, arrange car rental for Christmas 9am – 11am Read book about Japanese NGOs and write dissertation outline 11am – 12.30pm meet with librarian to […]


It’s incredible how a bad attitude can affect others. For the past week or so, I’ve been unable to connect to the University’s wireless network. I took my Mac to the computer help desk, and was told that yes, it was a known issue with Macs running Leopard. They would look into it. I went […]

"Public" transport

A few days ago I started writing a post in which I was going to mention the pleasures of being sobre (as I have been for many weeks now). It was prompted by a blog post written by my friend Shari, an excellent little piece on ‘alcoholism’ (nani sore?!) in Japan. But then I forgot […]

White Water

Wow, my body has been Super-Ill today, it’s been mightily impressive. My nosy is bleeding it has been blown so many times. My throat is raw, my tonsils large making swallowing something to be avoided, my legs and back totally ached out. Energy levels are somewhere in the bicycle shed below my room. Good thing […]

Leopard: One Week On

Non-macaddicts, skip this entry. I’ve finally figured out why photos I edit in LightRoom look crap on Firefox – Firefox (and Internet Explorer for that matter) ignore embedded colour profiles and assume everything has been created in an sRGB colour space. Thus whilst my photos exported with other colour profiles look great on most of […]

No Procrastination Weekend

Being in the grips of the lurgy (confined to bed, floor near bin covered in snotty tissues, legs not working), and with a ton of study to get through, I thought I’d declare this weekend “No Procrastination Weekend”. So I thought I’d design myself a nice poster in Photoshop that reads “No Procrastination Weekend”…

coming out of the dark

Of all the scary photos, this one scares me the most. I like it. p.s. thanks to the person who sent me that mystery (drunken?) message at 3am today. Next time you do see me, introduce yourself and I might be able to indulge you.


I’ve been very busy this week helping my friend Will get his brand-spanking-new WillYaki mobile eatery business on the road. It’s come a long way since those days when we used to sell octopus balls from a cardboard stall outside the union, using a borrowed BBQ set. There’s now two sides to the business: preparation […]

Spinning is so sexy

Quite an eye-opener this Japanese Studies degree course. Below are some quotes from one of the handouts we’re working with in one of this week’s translation classes. (It’s not an English-Japanese dictionary I need here, it’s an English-English dictionary!) “…today, a multiracial coalition of mixmasters is bumrushing the hip-hop/soul arena, dawning the latest trend in […]

Sleep …and more mac clap-trap

I really like the way my body knows what it needs. This past week has been pretty hardcore, with several nights that have seen me sleeping for less than five or six hours. Thursday was probably the longest day, with the fire alarm going off at 5.40am and then again at 6.20am, 10 minutes after […]

Mada Macless

It’s good for me, right? A good long break from my computer. It’s day 8 today. I’m going to have to wait at least another 4 days. It’s been good in a way. Playing with this Windows laptop is just so boring that I only bother switch it on to check emails. Saves me a […]