Big congrats tonight to our friends L&P for securing their first buy-to-let property – inspiring stuff!

Apologies to Rick, Nic & Lianne for taking over the SEAS Open Day – I think the public-speaking bug has well and truly got me, I’m lovin’ it! (sorry, again, Ronald).

For tomorrow’s Japanese speaking class I have to come up with some self-PR for an imaginary job interview (self PR? ooh, now that will be tricky…!!). Conveniently enough, one of the model interviews we will be using is that for the position of CIR on the JET scheme! (Speaking of which, got confirmation today that they’d received my application).

Everything is well wiggy these days.

Oh, and I wrote a HUGE mumble entry tonight on self-help books, a response to a couple of comments demonstrating a similar attitude to that that I used to have.

That mumble comes in the form of the big comment at the end of this morning’s Mumble, What If?

Right, 10pm, bedtime for josey.


2 Responses

  1. p.s. WIGGY!

    and thank you to Susie and Lynne for the biscuits, and all SEAS staff for being so nice, and Maddy and Lianne for putting up with me.

    and simon for buying the spanner and giving me £15.

  2. Worry thee not Josey (giggle) thou art forgiven.
    Also I just want to say, I’m well impressed by the big yellow writing in today’s mumble, I didn’t realise you possessed such maniac IT skills!
    Also, doesn’t the yellow go beautifully with the blue theme of TGW. Very Grrr.