6.30am Up to go pick up Takoyaki trailer and tow it to trading position

7am Breakfast, deal with 16 emails that came in overnight

8am Jog down to hire car place, arrange car rental for Christmas

9am – 11am Read book about Japanese NGOs and write dissertation outline

11am – 12.30pm meet with librarian to discuss dissertation

12.30 – 2pm Have all that fuss with the WIFI / staff

2pm – 2.30pm meeting with member of CILASS staff to discuss a joint presentation we’re giving on ‘technology in the classroom’ next week to library staff.

2.30pm – 3.30pm take a breather, blog

3.30pm – 4.30pm Sheffield Graduate Award meeting

4.30 – 5.30pm dash home to pick up posters for winners of Japan soc competition, eat

5.30pm – 6pm take trailer back to parking place

6pm – 6.45pm Stop off at tandem learning to drop off posters and catch up with a couple of people

7pm – 10pm training for part time job

10pm ~ now: emails re. CILASS projects, TGW advertising, complaint to computer services about staff attitude!

It does worry me that I am so busy that I am not spending any time on my Japanese studies. I think I will say bye bye to that First right now!

These past 7 days I have written an average of 34 emails a day, most of which are related to some kind of business. Exhausting stuff.

How can I let go?