Listening tonight to one of the audiobooks that has helped me most, There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by W. Dyer, I’m reminded of something I tell myself all the time, yet do not fully embrace – there is no ultimate goal to be reached, there is only now.

I’m also reminded of that Flash animation I shared with you a few week’s back by Alan Watts – Life is not about the final note – the whole thing from the very start is a path to be danced along!

No matter how much I feel these ideas to be true, I still can’t break away from feeling that there is ‘more’ around the corner.

Take now for example: if I think of the things I’ve achieved in the past couple of years, I am immensely satisfied, I wouldn’t change a thing. I would say that I am successful, a successful student, a successful friend, a successful thinker, a successful photographer, a successful writer, a successful happy person – but hang on! I’m only an undergraduate university student – how can I be “successful” when I have achieved “nothing”. I’m bankrupt, virtually unemployed, I have no qualifications apart from a 1994 Basic Food Hygiene Certificate, I have no quantifiable skills as such – OK, so I can speak Japanese. So what? so can over 150 million other people.

So, I still have this unconscious idea, lurking there at the back of my head, that when I get that job, when I have my own business, when I’m a dad, when I have that home in the countryside with a big organic garden, then I’ll be successful!

But what twaddle is that! There is NEVER going to be any greater success that there is today! Today, I am happy. I achieved a lot, I had a positive impact upon a good number of situations, I lived in harmony with my inner self – I can rest my head and feel content that today was a model day.

So if that’s the case – how can things ever be any better than this? OK, so the circumstances may be different – I may be Prime Minister of Japan introducing a new government program that involves stripping the hillsides of concrete cladding and replacing it all with trees, I may have a helicopter (air powered so as to be non-polluting of course), I may have published a whole series of books on achieving your dreams – but would that make me any more ‘successful’ than I was today?

It may be a difference of scale, but ultimately, is there really any difference?

I’m inclined to think that no, there isn’t. I never will reach that magic point in life when I am ‘successful’ – because I’m there every day, we all are.

Which is a bit disappointing really. If I’m never going to be any more ‘successful’ than today, why bother try harder?

I think, however, there is an area of life where there is room for constant improvement – spirit. There is a realm that knows no boundaries, that is always open to us should we wish to explore. Perhaps here, there can be a brightER future, a better tomorrow. Perhaps the large vegetable garden, the helicopter, the baby – perhaps they are physical manifestations of a soul that is successful. Having said that, putting ‘soul’ and successful in the same sentence doesn’t sound right.

Hmm. I think for now, I’ll continue as I have been. Believing in and striving for a better future, whilst simultaneously celebrating today, everyday, as if there were no tomorrow. Perhaps that will mean that my whole life is based upon a figment of my imagination, but if it helps me to continue to develop, then perhaps that’s not such a bad thing.