Yo Yo Wiggy!

Great start to the day – news that a close friend has had their business idea shortlisted for a £100,000 prize!

Now we’re just waiting on our phone call to tell us that our business idea went through too!

This afternoon is the first of our department’s three annual open days. I love these, and always take part to tell the prospective Japanese Studies students what it’s really like to study here.. (and for the free chocolate biscuits).

I remember coming on one myself and meeting Rick Siddle (who now teaches me newspaper translation, and is supervising my dissertation) – boy was I excited! I still remember the train passing through Chesterfield (just south of Sheffield), hearing that the next stop was Sheffield and almost wetting myself with excitement. Seeing the Arts Tower with its Paternosters for the first time.

Funny to think that at that point I hadn’t met any of the lovely SEAS (School of East Asian Studies) staff, people who have now played a very important part in helping me develop my sense of self.

Everyone thinking of going to uni: come to Sheffield. Student’s Union has just won “Best Union in the UK” award too, for the 2nd time in the last few years.

Raa raaaaa raaaa woof woof!