Love, Fun, Beauty

Three words, three photos, to sum up how things are. Us at Windsor Castle: The flag is flying, the Queen is at home. Pepé and the armed policemen I am so happy to be with my *Twinkle* (who, incidentally, took the above sunrise shot).


I’m now at my parent’s house, a 150-year-old blacksmithy that sits at one end of a peaceful valley on the Welsh Border. No signal for my mobile phone, no broadband internet. I like it. On Thursday morning I found myself faced with an impossibly long list of tasks to get through before evening. Looking at […]

You get what you give

It has indeed been a Wiggy Week of the highest order. The Japan soc Christmas Party was a great success, with over 150 people attending, including our beloved sensei, one of our favourite tutors, and his wife who played a big part in making me feel that Sheffield was my home, before I’d even returned […]

I’m through to the final

Last week I reported on my atrocious telephone interview which, after the submission of an essay, served as the second stage of the selection process for the 3rd Japanese Speech Contest for University Students. Today, mid-Japan Soc committee meeting, I received the following email. Gulp indeed. According to the leaflet, I’ll be one of just […]

Squirming under the Japanese spotlight

I received feedback for my presentation today – it was very positive, and generous too in light of the fact that the hours spent editing the video somewhat robbed it of having any form of ‘balanced’ argument. We had our final class with the lecturer in question today, which despite being great fun, left me […]

Start of the wiggiest week yet

Ok, so here we go, into the home straight. Good start to the week this morning: a friend of mine unexpectedly brought me some hand creme, having read about my dry hands on the Mumble! Very kind, a nice surprise, thank you Miss. F. Now, if anyone out there happens to have a spare radiator […]

The end is in sight

Ooooooohh I can SMELL the FREEDOM! It was back into the darling Western Bank Library this morning. Until this September, it was called the ‘Main Library’, but what with the opening of this swish new high-techno-wiggy-wiggy 24/365 ‘Information Commons’, it’s been renamed. Despite the fact that Western Bank Library contains the main Japanese Studies Collection, […]


flugg. flugg. fluuugggggggg,. arr. 67&^$&, $%^ Grinp etat. (after 14 hours in here, I’ve nearly finished the first draft)

In the IC

Gahhhhhhh. Midnight thirty on a Friday night and still in the Info Commons. An expresso and two cans of evil red bull are keeping me awake, as is the stress of a deadline now only 48 hours away. ga gagagaga gahhhh. I have a head full of a gendered workforce.

What would St Francis do?

Last night, a small crack opened up next to the nail on the index finger of my right hand. I saw it happen, and thought at the time, ‘hmm, this is probably going to be painful’ (I was right). The reason this 3mm crack appeared was because for the last few days it has been […]

Getting there

It was last week sometime when I suddenly noticed that the sun had set. Ok, so it had set before, but at 4pm? I’m sure it didn’t set this early last year. I’m finding these short winter days absolutely magical. Last night, with the clear skies came a heavy frost, and this morning a bright, […]

People trafficking on my doorstep

As mentioned in the past on TDM, I live in a red light district. Most nights, I hear cars screeching to a halt outside my window, women swearing about the attitudes of clients… I don’t mind too much as it rarely continues long after midnight. But until now, I’ve never really stopped to think about […]

That dam presentation!

Wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ha! I did it!!! The presentation is complete! I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this here before or not, but on Thursday, I have to give a 20-minute presentation on Development Resettlement, the Chinese Governments program to deal with over 2 million people whose homes are suffering from a rather major case […]


Caw blimey gov, talk about being pushed to the limits of epilepticness. So many deadlines bearing down on me, it’s a case of bed at 2am, up at 6am. Not good for me, but possibly sustainable for another 10 days. It is amazing how much you can get done if you put your mind to […]

Balls …and a birthday party

You know that faulty electric toothbrush that I took back to Boots last month after only having it for a week due to the fact that it wouldn’t charge? I’ve just discovered that this is because electricity doesn’t come out of the mains socket in the wall unless I turn it on.. That would probably […]

The Exam

Module: EAS332 (Japanese Language V) – 3 Hours – 21st January 2008 Japanese to English Precise Translation (probably about UN) (Nic) – 25% – 45 mins Comprehension (Angela) Short text, answer in English. 20% – 30 mins Newspapers (Rick) Longish text, English summary, 25% – 45 mins Writing in Japanese (Mika) Letter to employer – […]

The Lead Telephone

That was not an enjoyable experience. As arranged, the phone rang at 9.15am. It was the lady from the Japanese Speech Contest organising committee, and she was phoning to interview me. I remember the experience well from two years ago. Ten minutes of panic, desperately trying to recall bits of vocab. (I didn’t make it […]

What happens when your Mac’s hard drive dies

Wednesdays and Fridays see me getting up at 5.45am, due to the demands of some local sushi. My involvement with the local sushi also means I have to have a police check, and unfortunately my last police check certificate has just expired. I must say, I’m glad I’ve never done anything illegal, as it would […]

TBS Podcasts

In order to feel that I’m making the most of the time that it takes to get to my part-time job and back, I jog. That’s about 30 minutes of easy downhill and harsh uphill – really gets me going for the day. I was wondering what I could listen to whilst jogging – whilst […]

Three weeks and counting

Big relief today with the handing over of the website I’ve been helping co-ordinate the construction of. I’ve put about 30 hours of work into it over the past three weeks, which has of course impacted upon my studies. I’ll be mightily glad when this degree is over – never before have I been inundated […]

Laziness leads to pain

…at least it does when tea pots full of just-boiled water are concerned. Not wanting to have to put the teapot down in order to turn the door handle, I held it in my fingers and turned the handle with my palm, the result being a great gush of scalding water all over my wrist […]

From the IC

Back in the Information Commons today, aiming to get through a lot of ‘stuff’. The university website project deadline is just a couple of days away now, so later on I’ll be pulling the remaining loose threads together and hopefully creating a nice neat package to pass on for review on Monday, before it goes […]