You know that faulty electric toothbrush that I took back to Boots last month after only having it for a week due to the fact that it wouldn’t charge?

I’ve just discovered that this is because electricity doesn’t come out of the mains socket in the wall unless I turn it on..

That would probably explain why it wouldn’t charge.

I found some balls in the street the other day. They were big, and talking to a post box about their dream of being orbiting moons in outer space. They realised that their dream was unlikely to become reality, and so instead spent their time orbiting Rotherham city centre.

I allowed myself a little time off tonight to attend a triple-birthday-party. It was a surprise party for Xinxin, Anny and Danni – and as you can see, it was a surprise! The girls had been taken out to the cinema by our female accomplice – Panni – whilst we lay in wait back at the apartment. You should have seen us seven boys, jumping around in excitement as we planned how we were going to surprise them. Eventually, it was decided that we would burst into “Happy Birthday” accompanied by Steven on the guitar as they entered the room.

Xinxin’s reaction says it all!

Birthday cake’s galore


Che: heez the man! We sat around the campfire coffee table and sang songs, with Steven acompanying us on the guitar. Brown Eyed Girl, The Boxer, Have a Nice Day… the internet providing the lyrics.

Good times, good times.