Ooooooohh I can SMELL the FREEDOM!

It was back into the darling Western Bank Library this morning. Until this September, it was called the ‘Main Library’, but what with the opening of this swish new high-techno-wiggy-wiggy 24/365 ‘Information Commons’, it’s been renamed.

Despite the fact that Western Bank Library contains the main Japanese Studies Collection, I’ve not been in there much this semester. The PVC walls and £2,600 designer ‘Egg’ chairs of the Info Commons have been too much to resist. However, this past week I’ve got a bit peed off with all the traffic the IC sees – gets a bit distracting. So it’s been back to the huge reading room in Western Bank.

It’s so quiet in there! Almost completely deserted. I love it. There’s virtually never a time I can’t get my favourite seat overlooking the park (home to my friend Grey Squirrel who helped me survive my first two years), and of course it has the bonus feature of the bald security guard who calls me ‘duck’ and if I’m really lucky, ‘love’.

During my research this week I’ve rediscovered just what a great collection of Japan-related books the library has. Whilst reading some journal article I’ll come across a reference to some book that sounds ideal: I pop the name into the library search engine and Hey Presto! It’s there.

(I’ve also found a blog belonging to one of my tutors – the first ever… unfortunately it hasn’t been updated for the past year, so no juicy gossip!). Oh, that was on the internet though, not in the library.

Anyway, I have basically finished my essay now. Just a case of sorting out the in-text references.

Starting to get a whiff of freedom, oh, and the intense excitement and happiness related to *Twinkle’s* visit is really starting to hit now – couldn’t sleep last night. In fact, in the end I started to watch a film at midnight, a film I’ve been wanting to see for ages: The Bourne Ultimatum (received yesterday courtesy of Amazon DVD-rental-by-post).

OMG is that a nail-biter or what?! I literally was biting my nails all the way through, absolutely loved it. I was a huge fan of the first two in the trilogy, and thought that was a fantastic ending. Just thinking about it now gets me all hyper.

Ok, ok, let’s do these references, then I can start on my final piece of work for the year, my dissertation proposal due in Wednesday, the same day as the Japan Soc Christmas Party which I am really really looking forward to, as many of my favouritest people in the UK will be there!

Wiggedy woooooo