Big relief today with the handing over of the website I’ve been helping co-ordinate the construction of. I’ve put about 30 hours of work into it over the past three weeks, which has of course impacted upon my studies. I’ll be mightily glad when this degree is over – never before have I been inundated with so many project deadlines, all requiring an immense amount of input.

If my course wasn’t finite in length, I don’t think I’d last another 6 months (naturally, it’s the very fact that it is finite that leads to its intensity). However, with the end of 5 years of study in sight, I have to keep going.

I had two classes today, one language, one a lecture based session on agriculture in China (whatever you do, don’t eat any fruit and veg if you go to the Olympics next year!). I was once again touched by the care, kindness and enthusiasm of my lecturers, and leaving the Arts Tower a tear came to my eye as I thought about what a precious gift this uni thing is.

Just three weeks to go then. I’m really looking forward to seeing *Twinkle*. It seems absurd for us to be spending so much time apart when we are to play such important roles in one another’s lives.