It has indeed been a Wiggy Week of the highest order.

The Japan soc Christmas Party was a great success, with over 150 people attending, including our beloved sensei, one of our favourite tutors, and his wife who played a big part in making me feel that Sheffield was my home, before I’d even returned from Japan. I’ll post the photos soon.

Then there’s my friends who, in September, set themselves the goal of buying a house before Christmas. Today, they picked up the keys to a brand new home, and tonight we moved them in. They managed this despite having no money – in fact, they were actually paid £70 to buy the house!

Then there’s some other friends who today had their offer on a nearby house accepted – 10% less than the asking price too!

Yesterday, myself and my two business partners picked up the first bit of funding for our new business – £1000. My bankruptcy wasn’t an issue at all when we opened the account. Tomorrow we will submit our business plan to the White Rose competition, to put us in the running for another £5000.

Oh, and tonight I received an email about another competition whereby graduating students can win up to £5000 in acknowledgment of their extra-curricular activities. Naturally, I’ll be entering! Who says it doesn’t pay to not concentrate solely on studies…?!

I’m feeling a lot more confident re. the interview exam and the speech contest. It’s all in my head. I’ve been listening again to 5-hour-long audiobook of The Secret (modern day version of Earl Nightingale’s ‘The Strangest Secret’) for the past few days. Since I first heard it in the summer I’ve tried hard to put into practice the lessons given on the Law of Attraction – and today found myself laughing with joy when realising how effective those techniques have proved to be for me.

Gratitude. Positive thinking. Love for all others. It really works! The cynic in me that used to criticise these books full of techniques for self-improvement has been well and truly quashed.

Mr T has had his back operation – it was a success! Wellness wishes winging their way to you Mr. T.

Two more appearances in the media this week, this time starring alongside a lost Samurai, and in another article sporting a sexy blue T-Shirt in the CILASS newsletter.

Attended the university carol service a few days back. Just beautiful. Literally had me in tears. Amazing energy filled that huge hall – my hair was standing on end.

Mince pies and Port in the SEAS office today. Yum Yum Scrumptious.

Life is great, and I feel very grateful for that. Oh, and I do believe it’s only 84 hours till I can hold my *Twinkle*. 🙂

Ok wigsters, it’s off to bed for me.

xxx love joseph