Digging around in my recently-resurrected computer bag today, I rediscovered the safe place I’d put my engagement ring last November. I was pretty dismayed when I couldn’t find it back then, and spent quite a while asking around in the places I’d been, but to no avail. But I was sure I hadn’t ‘lost’ it, and I’m very happy that today it’s been shown that I was right to think so. It means a lot to me. Of course it does, it’s an engagement ring…

I was reading that Paul McKenna book tonight, the one that gave me a funny reaction. I’ve since found that I can go into that somewhat magical state of being (30,000 volts passing through me) just by practicing deep breathing for several minutes. I guess it’s just a physiological thing that we can all do, although if that’s the case I’m surprised that I’ve not heard of it before. Whilst the hallucinations are a product of my mind, the ability to move into that state where they move so freely and without interruption from the outside world is also probably connected with changes in the blood or oxygen supply to whatever part of my body is connected with their production.

Or perhaps it’s all a product of spirit. 🙂

Anyway, reading chapter two tonight, which teaches how to create a physical switch to instantly bring on a certain feeling, I realise that the series of events that brought me to read this book – my father being ill which resulted in my spending time with an old friend which led to a mention of the author and beneficial effects of his techniques, and then the birthday amazon vouchers and the £15 minimum order fee thing which led me to buy a book that would never normally consider buying, have all been perfectly timed for the speech competition! This technique is just what I need! Although it takes time to perfect, even in the space of a few hours, I can already feel it’s beneficial effect.

Don’t you just love ‘coincidence’ …

Anyway anyway, I really am off to bed now. Have to be up early for a jog in the morning sunlight – Spring is on the way!

[edit: aahhh. ‘Hyperventilating’. that’s what you call it!]