Sorry to go on about this, but just LOOK what Firefox (left) does to my colours! Safari (right) shows the true colours in all their glory (I understand that Internet Explorer is also unable to read color spaces and so will mimic Firefox).

Does anyone know of any plugin to get Firefox to read color spaces?

Or a way to get LightRoom to export in a browser-friendly fashion? I’m exporting them with sRGB color space, but it’s still not displaying correctly…


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  1. The picture on the left looks more “real” than the one on the right. The one on the right looks as though it has had an overlay done in Photoshop to hyper-saturate the colors. I don’t see anything wrong with the way the one on the left looks, though I guess it may be a problem if you want to sell the picture and want it to look like it’s popping more.

    Was the one on the right manipulated?

  2. The one on the left is an accurate representation of the .RAW file (in Nikon’s case .NEF), whilst the one on the right is what the original image would supposedly look like were I shooting in JPEG (tones automatically adjusted upon import into LightRoom).

    As to which reflects ‘reality’ I’m not entirely sure. I’ll have to check the colour of the grass when I return to the garden tomorrow!

  3. I expect you’re out of luck with a plugin; even if it did exist, nobody’s going to use it.

    Does LightRoom have an option to *convert* colour space? It sounds like you’re just assigning one, when you need to actually have it poke at the RGB values directly. Maybe hidden away in a “Save for web” option or so?

    Funnily enough this is the sort of view I get with my eyes; my left gives “warmer” tones like the image on the right, and my right eye is cooler like the one on the left, though the difference is generally more subtle. I guess you can’t expect computers to get right what 4bn years of evolution can’t ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As an aside, I’m now blocking your Amazon affiliate widget (*); Opera *hates* it; it sits there busylooping, spamming off HTTP requests every couple of seconds (so the progress bar keeps popping back up) and generally making TGW unusable. It’s even worse than that thing, which I also block (“Don’t touch it! It’s Evil!!”).

  4. Cheers for that Thomas. That Snap thing annoyed me too – I’ve removed it. Apologies for the Amazon widget.

    Lightroom, alas, doesn’t have the photoshop-like save for web option, and won’t let me NOT assign a colour space. sRGB is the standard, so I guess that when IE and Mozilla follow Safari (which I don’t use) and introduce color space support it should be covered.

  5. Thanks. I’ll leave the block there for all the other sites which use it, sigh ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As for your colour space problem, this looks relevent, and has some likely sounding solutions in the comments, e.g:

    2) Use Graphic Converter. There’s a buried feature in Graphic Converter’s preferences under Open -> Correct & Change -> “Merge color profile into image data”. Check it and then you can open LR jpegs and resave them, and voila!

    And maybe nicer since it can be embeded in LightRoom as a plugin:

    3) Use PictureSync. .. There’s a box in the preferences of the app, in the Pictures tab, “convert image colour profiles to sRGB” that when checked seems to do the trick. That is, seems to produce images that have consistent browser-to-browser color

    There are doubtless unixy command line tools which can do this too, which might be useful if you need to do a while lot in a big batch.

  6. Thanks Thomas. I’m just downloading Graphic Converter. I tried PictureSync, but unfortunately it tends to invoke the beachball of death, and the sRGB conversion thing doesn’t seem to work.

    Graphic Converter sounds more hopeful as I think “Merge color profile into image data” is exactly what I want to do.

    Will let you know how I get on. Well, you’ll see the results yourself (if you use your left eye…!)