Ha. I just love that film. The Bourne Ultimatum. Love it. I love the technology. I Love his cunning planning, and I love the way the baddies are made to pay for their crime at the end. It would be fantastic if that sort of thing happened in real life, and people like Bush and Blair were made to face the consequences of their war-mongering activities.

So, speaking exam over and done with – and all that work, both in terms of preparing answers to questions, and in terms of teaching myself that I was going to be fine and I could relax – paid off. When they review the video tape they may notice me grinning madly at odd moments as I told myself, “I’m loving this, this is great fun!”.

Following that I had a run through of my speech. I was surprised by my sensei’s reaction, I learnt quite a bit there…

Today’s speaking exam experience has demonstrated to me that the speech contest needn’t be a Big Monster. If I put the time in to learn appropriate responses to the kinds of questions I anticipate will be asked, I’ll be fine. In the speech exam, we were given a list of about 30 questions that might be asked (with only 5 appearing in the showdown) – I learnt approximate responses to them all, and so in the event, didn’t panic once. This was such a huge change from our mock exam last month, when I literally fell to pieces, and had to be hoovered up.

Also, in the event that I do get an interview at the embassy, I’ll be prepared.

On the train back tonight I was joined by a gang of yooves, on their way to a wicked party at Scag’s place. Turns out Scag is a real cheeky c***. Got some of that coke last week, but his mum found it and flushed it. He’s unreal though, goes out with the stuff all over is face. He said he shagged his last girl 4 times every day for 2 months, then got bored so took a month off. Well, that’s what girls are for innit? (“No it ain’t! says the only girl in the gang, sitting opposite me).

…I ain’t got caned for ages, gonna have to have a good smoke tonight. You ‘ear about Twatface Wilksy? yeah, he got 6 months last week for knifin that little squirt… …ah, that’s what I want, a slimline laptop (nodding in my direction, before asking me in an extremely polite and well-spoken manner…) “Excuse me, so sorry to trouble you. Could you tell me how much your computer cost?”

I tried to stifle my laugh, seeing such a dramatic change in character. I wonder if his parents knew about the kinds of stuff he got up to with his mates – bet he’s the angelic son at home!

Anyway, I’m back in Wales now. On with the study.