That was gooood.

In the league tables of non-panicky exams, I think that was number 1. I don’t think there was a single moment when I thought “Crikey O’riley, what on Earth does that mean?!”

Hmmmm, I am very happy to declare it a success. Not based on outcome, because we won’t know that until next month, but based on satisfaction with performance, and in my book, that’s what counts most. None of those horrendous moments of realisation after we’re told to put our pens down.

I stuffed up the precise translation, and the final bit which involved writing a terribly polite email (I’m not too hot on polite Japanese, I accidentally told the recipient to “sod off”), but the newspaper translation, comprehension and job application bits went very well.

I was on a bit of high as I went in anyway, as I’d just picked up my essay on Women in the Japanese Workplace: 74%! I think that’s the highest I’ve got for any essay since the first year (where marking is less stringent).

Wiggy wig indeeed.

Next: The Japanese Language Speaking Exam. Tomorrow @ Midday.

Fingers crossed.