Me and drink

I never thought I’d see the day: an hour spent procrastinating by doing instant messenger – with my mum and dad. Just show how times change, and that you can teach old parents new tricks! It’s been a pretty full on week. Lots of meetings for this that and the other, and then there was […]


Bloody hell! We just had an earthquake! Strong one too – we’re talking creaking walls! Arts Tower still standing though. That’s only the second one in my entire life I’ve felt in the UK… Update: BBC News

Anne Tame the Artist

Two years ago my mother picked up a paint brush. She’d not really painted before, other than the walls, so I was pretty surprised when she started producing these great pictures. I’ve uploaded a selection for you to have a look at. Once the album’s loaded click the buttons bottom left to change the way […]

Oraganic Vegees, our Wedding Date, and Peace

A mixture of thoughts tonight, starting with… Weekly shopping Delicious homemade organic potato and onion soup for supper. Tuesdays are shopping day for me. I only shop in one place – Beanies – it’s a privately run wholefood shop that in addition to having a fantastic range of natural foods, has the freshest local organic […]

A new lease of photographic life

It’s amazing what an effect that podcast has had on my feelings towards photography. It’s really got me excited, makes me want to just take photos all over the place! Having an understanding of where digital photography is now and where it’s going in the future is also very exciting. I love taking photos, and […]

The Case Studies Project

It’s been a good day. I spent about 90 minutes on my kanji this morning, after my 20 minutes of exercise and two bowls of porridge, then off to uni for Angela’s class. I like that class. We’re all together, all 17 of us, for the first time ever (usually we’re split into two groups). […]


Podcasts really are great. I was just thinking the other day how much I have learnt about Macs through listening to Macbreak Weekly (which admittedly is more rat hole that mac-info, but that adds to the charm. I feel the presenters are my private fwends, private in that no-one else that I know personally knows […]

My Emissions

We gave the first in a series of presentations in our Japanese speaking / listening class toady. The theme, Global warming, was a nice gentle one to warm us up before we move onto euthanasia in a couple of weeks. I’ve yet to seriously consider my feelings on that topic and look forward to having […]

How to lose someone’s trust in less than 10 seconds

I’m really very grateful to that student from Eastern Europe whom I met in Japan last year. I’ve talked about her before – she’s the one who unintentionally taught me that speaking badly of someone behind their back is fundamentally wrong, and to do so in order to somehow make oneself look ‘good’ in the […]

Embracing variety

So, good news re. the Business Competition – we’ve made it through to the next stage with our publishing company. We’re going to need to put a lot of work into preparing a full, detailed plan for submission in April to ensure we make it to the final in May – but it will all […]

GTD: Omnifocus

So having made my timetable, and having stuck to it pretty well, I felt satisfied …but at the same time something was niggling at me. This To-Do list, whilst based upon my own judgment as to what was most important in my life, felt somewhat restrictive, it was robbing me of my freedom to act […]

Friday Night

Caw blimey gov, tough week. Thursday was particularly difficult and saw me spending much of the day stifling tears, staggered by the power of emotions I’d not felt for many years. It did get better though, as I met a close friend who told me of their plan to present their partner with a ring. […]

Message from the dying

I asked the dying what they wished they’d had more of in their lives. Their responses came, “Laughter…” “…Love…” “…Less worry”. None of them said, “MacBooks”.

Interview at the Japanese Embassy

Few. That’s that over with! I’m sitting in a pub next to London Victoria Coach Station, waiting for my coach back to Sheffield, and breathing out after that interview experience. Had a nice journey down with course-mates Jon and Jenny. Sat in the cafe together next to the embassy for a bit, before Jenny went […]

Not having enough time

You know you’re back at uni when your calendar suddenly becomes so full of meetings and deadlines that you have to switch from monthly view to weekly few, and even, dare I say it, daily view. Twelve this week alone, plus classes. Arrrr jimlad, love it. When I feel stressed about ‘not having enough time‘, […]

The Star Thrower

“There was a man who was walking along a sandy beach where thousands of starfish had been washed up on the shore. He noticed a boy picking the starfish one by one and throwing them back into the ocean. The man observed the boy for a few minutes and then asked what he was doing. […]

Reasons to smile

Tee hee, I’m so wicked. Earlier today I spotted that someone was inadvertently sharing their private printer over the university network (thanks to Apple’s Bonjour networking capabilities). I thought it might be quite amusing to send them a message – that is, write a letter to them, and send it by selecting to have it […]

To be a Bee

Seems I’m not with only with with goals in sight for Spring.

Post-exam relief

It’s been another fabulous day. I’ve been having a mild case of culture shock, having not really been here for 7 weeks, but I think now I’ve got my room tidied and all last semester’s work filed away in my archive, all’s good. Oh, hoovering helped clear my mind too, as did reporting the faulty […]

Poorly cow meets giant baby foot

BUT! Before it met the Giant Baby’s Foot it was given some poisoned cheese by a naughty mouse! For those of who especially interested in the final moments of Cow, here’s some still shots from the video:

The end starts here

OK, so we’re back online after a couple of days in the wilderness in search of the correct DNS settings. It was pretty handy actually, as with no access to my server I was able to learn quite a bit about population issues in China for the exam which starts in, er, cripes, 13 hours. […]

The Japanese Speech Competition

What a day it’s been! One I shall never forget. A real highlight of my Japanese Studies degree course. Four years ago, I never would have believed that in February 2008, I’d be one of the finalists on stage in a national Japanese language speech contest. Looking back on the day’s events, I can still […]

Travelling with my parents

Well then folks. This is it. Final bit of shut-eye before the big event, which kicks off in about 13 hours. I’ve reached that stage now of having gone beyond preparation, a kind of, “Well, if I don’t know it now, I’ll never know it!” type waiting-stage. Yesterday I gave a performance for mum’s #2 […]