Caw blimey gov, tough week.

Thursday was particularly difficult and saw me spending much of the day stifling tears, staggered by the power of emotions I’d not felt for many years. It did get better though, as I met a close friend who told me of their plan to present their partner with a ring. I couldn’t hold back the tears then – although they were of course tears of happiness (and yes, she said yes!).

Today has been easier, as I’ve been super busy. In addition to the six Japanese language homework assignments we’ve been given (oh, and all seventeen of us passed our exams by the way, hurrah! Results out in ten days), I seem to have got myself somewhat majorly involved in initial planning for a campaign designed at changing student attitudes towards their study environment, to be launched in September. I’m quite excited about that, despite the challenges it poses.

Myself and my web-group colleague also met today to discuss further development of the CILASS student website, which whilst being 100% more ‘there’ than last year, is in desperate need of further development.

Oh, and I’ve finally got my head around domain MX records (far simpler than I had previously thought), meaning that much time has been spent configuring Google Apps to deal with email flowing through the many domains I’ve collected. In English, this means that any email now sent to joseph [at mark] goes straight to a sexy user-friendly spam-proof Gmail inbox, rather than getting lost in the pretty crappy mail box provided by the domain registrar. You may not think this is exciting, but you’d be wrong. (If you own your own domain and want a reliable email server, check out Google Apps).

Had a groovy meeting re. our publishing company, and thanks to my friend’s superb negotiating skills, we should be signing the contract Monday for the development of our very sexy and highly intelligent website (the initial quote we received was over £9000!).

The photography work has been ongoing, deadline of Monday for that. A lot of Raw files to sort – it’s at times like this I wish I had a Mac Pro! (You know, I touched my first ever Mac Air the other day. It may be lacking in practical things such as a CD/DVD drive, but my god is it sexy. Reality-defying. You will Oooh and Aaaah when you see it, believe me).

I’ve started getting my organic vegee box again, and I am feeling good eating huge plates of spinach. Oh, and exercise! I’ve started my daily exercise again. It’s good. Only about 20 minutes in the morning (time courtesy of the reintroduction of the up-at-6am, bed at 11pm system).

Of course all of this has meant that I need to resurrect the daily-planning book. In here, every night before I go to bed I write myself a list of goals, and then create a rough timetable for the following day. I’m timetabling absolutely everything in, including meals, homework and other non-academic tasks. It’s very rewarding, and makes me a lot more productive. Far less room for procrastination, and as I’m also timetabling in a little relaxation time each day I don’t feel like it’s a chore. Having said that, I do feel a little sorry that I choose to prioritise business over pleasure (and thus I will probably be the only one not going to the big birthday party tonight).

Righty ho, must be time for the tumble drier.

I’m going to have an immensely productive weekend.

3 Responses

  1. I didn’t go either! you’re not alone! hehe

    I need to start doing the daily goal thing. I’m not half as busy as you are, but it would really help me to get things done I think.

  2. I didn’t go either, but that’s because I had drunk myself into a stupor by 9pm and could barely make it home, let alone to the pub. I think your reason for not going was much better.

  3. crikey amelia, and that was week 1! Mind you, had I not given up drinking I bet I would be the first one to make it to the floor, and probably on a weekly basis!