You know you’re back at uni when your calendar suddenly becomes so full of meetings and deadlines that you have to switch from monthly view to weekly few, and even, dare I say it, daily view. Twelve this week alone, plus classes. Arrrr jimlad, love it.

When I feel stressed about ‘not having enough time‘, I find it really helps to try and learn from experience. If I look back at the last, say, 30 years, has there ever been a time when not having enough time has killed me?

Er…. no.

And has there ever been a time when I have not got through a very busy patch.

Erm, no.

So, did worrying about not having enough time have a positive impact upon the getting-things-done-ness?

I spose not. It made it rather stressful actually and encouraged me to procrastinate.

So why not learn from 30 years of experience and accept that you will successfully move through the busy period / difficult time, and come out the other end with even more experience and having accomplished a great deal?

You mean I don’t have to worry? Sounds a bit unrealistic.

Is that ‘realistic’ as in ‘reality’ as in ’30 years of’?

Ahh. yes. I see your point. Ok.

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  1. Hi Joseph.Hope the interview went well. Good to see somebody using the expression arrr Jim Lad are the Goons back in favour or did they never go away?All the best BanMan.