The past week has seen my daily exercise routine somewhat curtailed by temporary responsibility for my friend’s car (which as no doubt you are tired of hearing, requires a lot of attention). But this morning, the car park refreshingly free of flat tyres, yellow tickets or vehicles supporting such accessories, I was able to get back out to the park. 

It’s a very exciting time of year for the park, with the trees starting to blossom, the hedges sporting some fashionable green leaves, the daffodils trumpeting their fanfare of yellow across a sea of last year’s leaves.
But things must have been extra exciting during my period of absence, as look what is now parked in the middle of the football field!

Yes, a completely burnt-out car.

And how about this for a steering wheel? Perhaps a little hard to use when manoeuvring out of a tight parking spot.

I suppose in a way, given all that happened last week, I should have been surprised that it wasn’t the car that I’d been responsible for sitting there in all its naked glory!

2 Responses

  1. I must admit, I was bit surprised myself when I got home and viewed it on my my Mac.

    I love this time of year, when spring is just making a tentative poke at the remains of winter. This blossom quietly demanded attention, framed as it was by a bank of bare branches.