Today has been one of those days that has had the usual context removed. One of those days that exists outside of the routine and framework that I’ve built. Most days when I wake up I have a list of certain things I need to do. Each of these things usually comes with its own […]

Notification from the Embassy

Well well well. Just got a phone call from Mother to let me know that I didn’t get the job as CIR on the JET program. The letter finally arrived this morning. Initial reaction is of course one of disappointment. They don’t disclose why they turn people down, but I’m guessing it’s either because I’m […]

Final assignment received

Things are happening. We were given our final assignment today. A translation piece. Thus, all I have to do now is that story (by the end of May), finish my dissertation (by mid-May), perform a drama (Thursday), take an exam (4th June). I feel pretty motivated and will work hard to get these done as […]

Wondering what’s around the corner

I’m about a third of a way through the 27-hour audio version Murakami’s The Wind-up Bird Chronicles. Murakami is the first fiction author whose books I’ve read more than one of – this is my third (following Kafka on the Shore & Norwegian Wood). I’m finding this one as involving as the previous two, and […]

Dissertation dilemmas

The experiment two nights ago worked. I created a new user account on my Macbook with access only to my word-processor (Scrivener), then reset my admin password to something like 673hdhsa568fdje8sosjyr8jdhs7si which I wrote down on a piece of paper and put in my sock drawer. I then went to the library, and could do […]

Wanted: No Internet

It’s reached the stage with this dissertation writing where drastic action is called for. I need to go on retreat this weekend to write it. The only problem is finding somewhere that is affordable, quiet, and has no Internet access. Hotels are out on both counts. I’ve found a camp site, but it lacks a […]

Competition Winners!

I don’t have classes on Wednesdays. It’s useful to have a weekday free, as it gives one a chance to do all those non-academic things that can’t be done at weekends. Like, visit the dentist for the last time here in the UK. This particular dentist has dealt with my cavities for about 4 years […]

Up in smoke

Caw blimey gov it’s been one hell of a day. Just got back form the library (2am) where I’ve spent the last 7 hours trying to finish off this website for my employer. I’m always astonished by how long it takes. It was all working fine in Safari and Firefox, but then I made the […]

tied up

But quiet round here lately eh? Pretty tied up with ‘stuff’. I can almost smell the freedom though. tatta

Photo fest: International Cultural Evening

I went to the International Cultural Evening tonight to film the Japan Soc dance troupe do their great Soran Bushi routine. I arrived ten minutes before they were due on stage, only to find that the program I had was wrong, and they weren’t to perform for another 90 minutes.  Initially, I was bit stressed […]

Pedalling my police car

Today, I’d like to spend the day pedalling my police car around and having meals made for me.

A Whizz Boing Pop day

I find it astonishing (and at times disturbing!) how much detail my camera lens can pick up. My hand doesn’t look so wrinkly to the naked eye, but an adjustment of the levels in the raw file shows the prints and lines in all their glory. I guess this is where photography is going now, […]

Magical Jiggery Pokery

The random image thing on the right of this page is supposedly, er, random – so how can one account for things like the above happening? Here, I blogged about my mum’s painting, and hey presto! It randomly appears on the right too! It’s not as if it’s unusual either, I’ve seen matches like that […]

The Sun Sets

Right, everyday at around this time, the sun sets. Funny that.

My Life Purpose

One benefit of committing the story of one’s life to a blog powered by Google, hosted by some other company and then sent to you by email (and then burnt to DVD) is that when one turns 90, the chances are there will still be a copy of it somewhere. Why should that be important? […]

Spanners, deadlines, and night-time inspiration

Email from the parents: “No post for you from the embassy today either. They must be sorting out necessary changes in law for you to be made emperor” Having had a very long day, it was a great relief to get home last night. Managed to finalise the business plan and actually submit it 6 […]

Joe in Japan: Day one

Joseph in Hirosaki, 8 years ago. Somehow I don’t think I was very happy that day. Yay, business plan complete! Even if we don’t make it through to the final, it will all have been worthwhile, as I now have a very nice template to work from for any future start-up! Forgot to mention earlier: […]

Time for an all-nighter?

caw blimey gov it’s gonna be one of those loooooong nights. It’s ten to one, but I’ve still got a tonne of stuff to do for tomorrow. What’s best: late night, or up early? The danger with going to bed now is that I won’t have time tomorrow morning to prepare for the afternoon. Hmmm. […]

Tech Talk: the power of feeds (and an IC video)

The CILASS tech group had a really interesting meeting today. Started out with planning for Friday’s technology session that we’ll be filming for upload to the website, then went on to discuss the recent developments in web platforms / streaming services etc. I find this kind of thing very exciting as I see enormous potential in it. […]

A day in the life of Joseph Tame

Crikey O’reily. Talk about busy! Not a bad list of accomplishments for the day: 65 meaningful emails received 60 fairly meaningful emails sent Hair cut (meditation time as she wasn’t very talkative) Wedding invites redesigned & ordered Provided technical support for the folks having problems with Firefox Euthanasia Vocab learnt Enrolled on coaching course Had […]

Heading North, one last time

So this is it. I’m on the train for my last trip back to Sheffield. In seven weeks, it’ll all be over (that is, apart from one exam and my graduation). Just seven weeks. It’ll fly by. That’s kind of comforting, because I know that no matter how many things I have on my to […]

A great week for photographers

[apologies for lack of links – written from train to Sheffield on which internet is not too reliable (i.e. non-existent.) Google is your friend] It’s been a productive journey so far. I’ve removed the yellow testicle from my patchwork jeans, after it was pointed out to me that it could also be mistaken for a […]

Japan swoons as Joseph makes his national TV debut

The first grainy images are coming through following Joseph Tame’s debut on national Japanese TV. In a deliberate ploy by Fuji TV producers, his grand entry was saved for the dramatic climax, only 6 minutes before the ending of the 2-hour drama. Statistics released shortly after the prime-time airing of ‘Bizan’ showed that 97% of […]

National TV debut (Japan): Friday 4th April 2008, Channel 8

Lush Brief note to say that I’ll be on Fuji TV tomorrow night, for my national Japanese TV debut. Channel 8, 9pm to 11pm. I play “stereotypical western tourist” in the drama “BIZAN”(眉山) (more info here). You should see me alongside Tokiwa Takako as she goes on a Hato Bus tour of Tokyo. Watch out […]

A Day of Wedding Planning, and King Cats

Met this Cat King this morning. Never met a Cat King before. He was pretty extraordinary, had these piercing pink ears that pierced. Having a cat seizure Very productive day. Got a fair bit of translation homework done first thing. Then it was on to wedding planning: found a beautiful converted barn for myself and […]

Penguins, Mars and dance steps

I found some amazing footage today of a colony of flying penguins on the BBC iPlayer. (sadly only available to UK viewers, I think, or if you’re my Facebook friend you can see it there) Meanwhile, Virgin and Google have teamed up to launch Project Virgle – they’re establishing a colony on Mars! Thing is […]