Crikey O’reily. Talk about busy!

Not a bad list of accomplishments for the day:

  • 65 meaningful emails received
  • 60 fairly meaningful emails sent
  • Hair cut (meditation time as she wasn’t very talkative)
  • Wedding invites redesigned & ordered
  • Provided technical support for the folks having problems with Firefox
  • Euthanasia Vocab learnt
  • Enrolled on coaching course
  • Had meeting to prepare for next week’s presentation on being a student ambassador and employability
  • Had consultation and arranged meeting to prepare for Friday’s technology training session for staff
  • Spent half an hour spent trying to scan document required for us to marry
  • Attended Japanese speaking class
  • Meeting with teacher to discuss entering department into competition to win more money for IBL projects
  • Tried (and failed) to sort out wordpress blog used for 2nd year Japanese students
  • Attended birthday party
  • Finished ‘Market Overview” section of business plan
Phew. Time for bed. It all starts again in 6 hours.