Brief note to say that I’ll be on Fuji TV tomorrow night, for my national Japanese TV debut. Channel 8, 9pm to 11pm. I play “stereotypical western tourist” in the drama “BIZAN”(眉山) (more info here).

You should see me alongside Tokiwa Takako as she goes on a Hato Bus tour of Tokyo. Watch out for me in Ueno Park, pointing to that big statue, then later in Yoyogi koen – and I’m sitting opposite Tokiwa Takako on the bus too. When you see the shot of the bus going past the diet building, please appreciate it as it involved what seemed like hours of driving round and round in circles to get that (click here for the relevant mumble)

Based on past experience when I spent a whole day in the NHK studios only to find that our scene was cut entirely from the final program, you will probably only catch sight of the end of my nose, for about 3 seconds.

The stifling bus