Shout out to all those TV owners resident in the UK:

On Monday night at 9pm on ITV1, Sophie Mei, daughter of a good friend of mine here in Sheffield, will be one of 8 performers in the first live semi-final of Britain’s Got Talent.

She’s made it through to the final 40 – out of 100,000 hopefuls.

Selection for the final is based on audience votes …so you know what to do!

4 Responses

  1. Sophie should be in Hollywood. She was beautiful tonight what on earth is wrong with the voting public? I can see her as a star of the show, maybe Vegas? What an infectious lovely personality too. I do hope that’s not the last we see of her.

  2. Sophie has a rare combination of stunning looks, talent, personality and passion for what she is doing, she undoubtedly gets an enormous boost from her performances, good luck to you girl, so sorry you didn’t get through, but i am sure that many doors will open for you now.
    Good luck sweetheart.

  3. she really was great wasn’t she? Definitely not the last we’ll see of her!

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