Following a day spent washing socks and working on my final piece of coursework, this evening I was picked up by friends on their way to another friend’s birthday BBQ. It was great to see the James the birthday boy, even if our stay was somewhat brief. I was also delighted to bump into Lynne, my ex-classmate who I’ve not seen since the second year of our course (that was a big surprise!). I was torn between staying, and going to the house of another couple of friends, the daughter of one of whom was appearing on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

In the end, I decided to head over to support Sophie, and I tell you, it was truly inspiring, not only seeing Sophie impress Simon Cowell, but also watching all those ‘ordinary people’ realising their long-held dreams. I was struck by how ‘nice’ they were. Their attitudes of humility and appreciation. Big Respect!

Reading my Team Management Profile the other day, there was one bit that I didn’t identify with at first.

“You have your best ideas when in conversation”

Since reading that, I’ve been enjoying observing myself in conversation (partly as that’s one of the assignments for the coaching course I’m taking), and you know what, it really is when talking to others that my ideas come together.

When asked tonight what I’ll be doing in Japan, I talked a bit about the jobs I’m thinking of taking on in the first year. It struck me how when explaining why they would be right for me, I felt no passion. I was describing some mechanism for earning enough money to cover my expenses. I felt like a fraud, I was just talking rubbish.

Realising this, I switched from head to heart mode, and spoke again. I talked about how I love engaging groups of people, making them feel relaxed, causing them to laugh, teaching them something that would help them leave the room feeling just a little happier than when they’d walked in.

A medium-term goal then: to work with large groups of people, some form of public speaking. It could be on broadcast media, it could be in the flesh.

From here I worked backwards, seeing where the jobs I’m thinking of taking on could contribute to my reaching this goal. These jobs include teaching & training – both of which involve the presentation of ideas, the use of logical linkages and story telling. All of these skills would come in handy for public speaking. Seen in this light the jobs have a higher purpose, and are a good deal more appealing. And, just as importantly, my focus is back on my ultimate goal, which is leveraging my ‘brand’ (which could be a penguin called Pepé) to have a significant positive impact upon a lot of people.

This inspires me, excites me and gives me the energy to do what needs to be done.

Anyway, best be off to bed.

(That audition led to this)