Hurray it’s Monday :-)

WARNING! THIS IS WHAT YOU MIGHT LOOK LIKE IF YOU HOLD ONTO LOTS OF BALLOONSBeen a bloomin fantabulous week this. The conference, the completion of the website (will give you the link soon), the people, the coaching course, the friendship… just grand. So much to smile about. I’m really excited that it’s Monday again. That […]

Why I love Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

I’ve talked about this before, but I want to talk about it again. A few days back I was asked by a friend if I’d give them a bit of training in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, the most wonderful photo-processing software ever to have created for people who work with RAW images, or find Photoshop a […]

LTEA Conference 2008: Long Live Inquiry-based Learning!

It’s now the day after the closing of the LTEA (Learning Through Enquiry Alliance) conference 2008, and my head is beginning to clear. I attempted to write about my experience of this event last night, but I was “all conferenced out” as fellow student ambassador Barbara put it – my mind was just a sea […]


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From the train: Nuclear Drivers and Being the Change

I’m on the train back to Sheffield. It’s been a pretty easy journey, relaxing. For the first leg I was on a rail-relacement bus. I sat at the front as I often do on buses, provided they have seat-belts. Next to me was a chap in his 40s. Pretty scruffy, stinking of cigarettes. “This bus […]

Hamsters and Shrews

A few moments ago, I woke up clutching my stomach. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure why, but then I remembered! My friend’s hamster! It was in a little plastic tub with a loose lid, and it was my responsibility to make sure it didn’t get out, thus I had my hand on it. I’ve drawn […]

The secret to forgiving

I’m now into week 7 of my TSI coaching course. Initial goals I set myself at the beginning of the course have mostly been achieved, thus, when this week I was asked to once again identify problematic areas within my life, I really struggled. In the end, I had to contact one of my coaches […]

National Sheep Day

To celebrate National Sheep Day, this morning I jogged up Garway Hill in order to get some shots of Horace, the sheep that starred in last year’s best-selling Hollywood action film Revenge of the Wooly Jumpers. I asked Horace if he’d mind re-creating the scene where he’d just been attacked by the Mighty bear, and […]

Day in snapshots

I’ve had this camera follow me around all day. It’s been taking snapshots of my thinking. Kinda strange. I developed the film, here’s what came out. It’s 5.45am. My phone alarm goes off. I think about whether I want to wake up – i think, “well, the interview isn’t until 8am, I can sleep till […]

My coaching course

I’m now in week 5 of my 12-week coaching course with TSI. Initially, I’ll admit I was pretty sceptical, but my friends and I had talked about coaching a little, and I figured it was at least worth a try. Nothing to lose, right? So, I signed up for a free coaching session with the […]

Happy for today

Before I get on with this mumble, I’d just like to mention that this post is not an invitation for you to kill me. Thank you. These really are good times. Whilst it is a core belief of mine that it’s important to appreciate today and not postpone the attainment of happiness for ‘tomorrow’, sometimes […]

Round Up

This is more a record for myself of what I’m up to. You’re better off looking elsewhere for entertainment todayBusy times. I’ve spent most of today in the CILASS office trying to finish off the website I’ve been working on (very part time) for the past 6 weeks or so. It’s pretty exciting as it’s […]

Post-student life begins

So yes, the change from student to non-student is going well. Having got rid of much of my coursework last night (I would have kept it had I been staying in the UK), I then advertised my last few books on Amazon – they were sold within hours and are in the post to their […]

Into the recycle bin

Busy bee, spotted on the way back from the exam. 13 hours into freedom So, I spent much of the afternoon feeling somewhat lost, before deciding that what was called for was assertiveness. I need to move on. No point in lingering in some in-between state. It’s too easy to comfort oneself with the idea […]

End of the degree

Post exam photo, taken at the tram stop. Wow. We did it. We got here. The end. That was the best exam ever. It went so well (and that seems to be the general consensus). I even had time to write my Japanese essay on euthanasia TWICE, as after I’d finished it the first time […]

The end is nigh (in a good way)

Well, this is it then folks. In 12 hours and 29 minutes I’ll have finished my final exam on this four year degree course. That will be a big relief. And probably a little surreal – the venue is Sheffield Wednesday Football Club (I hope the pitch isn’t too waterlogged, or the papers will get […]

An act of altruistic kindness

Into the home straight then – 45 hours until the end of my final exam. Needless to say, I am somewhat excited at the prospect of finishing. Since my mumble a few days back about the difficulties of being in a long-distance relationship (in which I described the hoops that need to be jumped through […]