To celebrate National Sheep Day, this morning I jogged up Garway Hill in order to get some shots of Horace, the sheep that starred in last year’s best-selling Hollywood action film Revenge of the Wooly Jumpers.

garway sheep_7789

I asked Horace if he’d mind re-creating the scene where he’d just been attacked by the Mighty bear, and badly wounded is seen crying to the heavens for the strength to make it through the epic battle.

garway sheep_7795

This is Hatty, Horace’s Love Interest. Here she stands at the top of the cliff in despair, giving that final devastating speech. I was in tears when I saw it in the cinema.

garway sheep_7822

Don’t give up the search Betty! Separated from her children, Betty surveys the landscape, fearing that they have lost their way and have wandered beyond the foreboding Black Mountains.

garway sheep_7809

But Fear Not! Horace the Mighty has returned! This is the scene where he speaks to the flock in those rousing tones, inspiring confidence once more in the hooved troops. All is set for the most extraordinary victory ever seen in the history of Sheep.

garway sheep_7788

Now, where did I put my pills…?