I feel we’re over the 3-week hump now. And so we should be. It’s week four.

Despite being even more absolutely shattered than last night (I’ve had to resort to a continuous intake of caffeine / taurine packed Red Bull to stay awake), I’m feeling a whole lot better tonight.

This is mainly due to the fact that we’re into our final week – just 4 days to go until we can declare victory. I’ve submitted my final assignment (should hear tomorrow if it needs to be re-written), and taught my last one-hour lesson (my final TP is on Thursday, just 30 minutes to take me up to the 6 hours required by the course).

We’ve been receiving a lot of encouragement from our tutors – and from the students too 🙂

It’s all good. Just a shame that I lack any remaining brainpower for witty blog posts (no change there then).

If you’re TEFL-inclined, you could go take a look at Alex Case’s section of the Tefl.net website. His comment on my previous post resulted in many of our class taking a break from lesson planning this morning and learning how many TEFL teachers it takes to change a lightbulb.

Right. Best get off to bed.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Joseph. Glad that you are almost finished and I will get to see you soon on my side of the Urals soon. Please take it easy with the Red Bull, I lost a friend last year and RB was a contributing factor in his demise. Good Luck Love David

  2. looking forward to seeing you too David.

    Thanks for the warning, sorry to hear about your friend. I use it very sparingly, as it has quite an impact upon me, I can feel the aftereffects for several days. Emergency use only!

  3. Nasty stuff Joseph !

    I want to see you before your depart, so stick to the tea maybe ?

    XX Mum #2