So much to write about, so little time.

It’s all good.

Last week I sent off an email to a training company that a friend of mine works for (it was actually wanting to work for them that promoted me to take the CELTA course). Today I had an interview, and I believe I’ll be offered a contract in the next few days. Great news!

This means that I won’t be taking up the contract with the English school that offered me a post a couple of months back (which in addition to looking pretty dull, also happened to pay about a third of what I’ll be getting in the new job).

Today I also received a call from the agency that got me my first two jobs on Japanese TV back in 2007 – I’m in the running for a role that will require one day’s work – and will pay £940! I’m a long way from being selected, but hey, you never know. It’s nice to be at stage 2 at least!

I’ve been really busy trying to sort the house out. You wouldn’t have thought that it would take that long to tidy up a 30m square apartment, but it does when you have this much stuff!

I’m loving my iPhone. It’s an incredible piece of hardware – and the apps you can get for it are equally stunning. A must for anyone in Japan is Ekitan – the entire Japanese train timetable, updated every minute. This is nothing new – any phone with Internet access will have this, but the way the iPhone presents it actually makes using it a pleasant experience (I don’t like the text-heavy versions on most phones, find them pretty unusable). The iPhone saved my bacon today when going to my interview. I was late, and had to use it for checking alternative train times, reading Word documents (my application and CV) checking info sent by the interviewer (email) and looking at the map on the company website – and double checking it in Google Maps. The thing that struck me was just how easy all of this was, much simpler than using a computer, and all in the palm of my hand.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll hear more about my iPhone in due course!

I may start posting Mumbles and photos from it (by email routed through Flickr), as it seems the only spare time I have at the moment is when on trains – or when ignoring the washing up that needs to be done before *Twinkle* gets home.

(I’m also updating Twitter / facebook / Skype from my iPhone – sometimes including links to photos I upload on the road. See top right of TDM).

Oh yes, I have a lot to write about re. *Twinkle* and I and what we’re going through. It’s almost surreal how everything is different now.

Ok, best do that washing up.


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  1. Things are looking up aren’t they?
    You seem to have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. However, I’m glad you are taking your time in regards to job selection.

    Good luck with the TV agency I hope you get the job. I’ve never visited an agency before and I guess I’ve lost my chance to do so, now. I doubt there are many if any agencies in Aomori city.

    With your Japanese ability and a stable visa they may be able to place you in more jobs. Although, I guess it might be difficult to find time to do that type of work after you have a full time job on your hands.

    “Oh yes, I have a lot to write about re. *Twinkle* and I and what we’re going through. It’s almost surreal how everything is different now.”

    That would be exciting to hear about.

    Ah, after reading so much of your blog( and other peoples) I guess I should start sharing on my blog as well. I have negelected to do that for a while.

    I’ll be back