Lock and Lock changed my life

Tuppa was never our household’s strong point.when we lived in Sheffield, we had these nasty little tubs with lids that had a habit of cracking. Whilst we did invest in some slightly higher quality recepticles, they didn’t last long, getting fried in a microwave at a Japan Soc food party. Things didn’t improve much last […]

Autumn in the park

The view from my jogging track. 500m mark. For some truly beautiful autumnal (Japanese) pictures, I recommend you head over to www.Bastish.net. (If you’re squeamish you’d better not look at the ones of the calf being born). Kevin and Tomoe are truly remarkable photographers, and they provide me with a great deal of inspiration. It’s […]

Little Runners

I was sitting in Kitanomura park at lunchtime, eating my carrot and daikon salad, whilst watching the children play. I wondered what the view from my bench might look like at other times of year, so I tapped the screen of my iPhone once, and a few seconds later was presented with a whole collection […]

The Pig Guardian

She, and many of her friends, can be found guarding the footpaths of Komozawa Park

Global events

I’m not usually in the slightest bit interested in US elections, but this one’s got me excited. It feels like 1997 all over again, when Labour won a landslide majority, bringing them back into power after years of Tory rule. I’ve been mightily impressed by what I’ve seen of Obama, such a refreshing change from […]

Think I’ll take the next one

(part two) What amazes me is how most of the time everyone does actually fit in when the doors close. Having said that this morning there was a whole leg sticking out of the next, which made the carriage look like some kind of hybrid centipede…

My magnetic sweet tooth

Try as I might, I can’t give up unhealthy food. Since I decided to not eat Japanese processed foods, especially those containing a lot of sugar, I have been bombarded with presents in the form of some of the most delicious unhealthy foods one could hope for. We’re talking delicious caramelised biscuits, chocolate-cream packed buns, […]

It’s a small, small world

Photographic entertainment is provided by yesterday’s Office Halloween party (sorry for the repetition to those of you who have already seen them in my site feed). For the past two weeks I’ve been looking for someone to do tandem learning with. That is, someone who will teach me Japanese in exchange for me teaching them […]

Autumn leaves

I’m really glad I picked up photography again last year. The purchase of my Nikon D40x in July 2007, following years of making do with little Sony models, really turned things around for me – since then I’ve got enormous pleasure from composing and processing. I’m now trying to make more use of some of […]

Sometimes it’s best not not to think.

Last night I blogged briefly about the many things I’m up to now, and inferred that I was ok with doing so much. Ironic then that the very act of writing that led me to a state of feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all! I’;ve since remove the post although it will remain in the […]

Offer: Reduced cost Lasik and place on Trailwalker Team 2009

*Twinkle*s laser eye surgery (‘Lasik’) has really turned out to be a great success. Whilst she was in a bit of discomfort for the few hours following the short op, by the next day she was doing OK (albeit not too fond of bright lights). A few weeks down the line and she’s feeling the […]

Exchange rates, and Running with technology

What’s going on in the currency markets? It’s absolutely mental! During my Year Abroad, £1 equalled 233yen. Today (45 minutes ago), £1 equals 162yen. I was just doing the sums – my salary here is is worth £7000 more than it would have been worth a year ago (if sent back home). This is great […]

The power of sliding doors

It may be dramatic, but it's not unusual. Here, a salary man has become wedged between the closing doors of a packed subway train. With this a frequent occurrance at this time of day, there are about 20 white-gloved staff lining the platform, ready to either push people on, or, as in this case, wrestle […]

It’s only getting better

As of this week, I’m pretty much working seven days a week. It’s part of the self-imposed six month debt-repayment and moving-house program, which is due for completion on the 5th of March 2009. It’s step one of many steps in our Grand Masterplan, some goals of which include the paying off of all family […]

Joseph is online

(A blog I wrote a couple of days ago, and am posting now to celebrate our reconnection to the www this morning. Our new fibre modem has resulted in our actual (vs. advertised) download speed quadrupling to 24mbps, the fastest domestic connection I’ve had yet 🙂 It’s several years now since I decided to actively […]

Yet another iPhone post

(if you’re not interested in it or Apple customer service, look away). Two nights ago my iPhone suddenly had an emergency breakdown. Somehow the OS became corrupted, and the only way to fix it was to connect it to my mac and let iTunes try its best counselling skills. The only problem was, iTunes couldn’t […]

Living Goldfish Earings

Just met this chap in Shibuya sporting the most unusual earrings I've ever seen – two mini goldfish bowls, each with three living (and no doubt somewhat confused) goldfish in!

Lap time

Really enjoying this jogging thing. It started out as a weekly Sunday morning meet up with Tom, but now I've found the Olympic park I'm going three times a week. Unfortunately Tom was unable to make it this morning, but I went along in any case and joined the many men, women and children, young […]


It’s early Saturday evening, and I’ve just finished work. It’s been a productive day. In between today’s phone calls from students located all over Japan (the majority of whom were training as maritime navigational officers) I’ve been plodding on with the Access database – it’s coming along nicely, and makes for satisfying work. Hopefully I […]

Lunch in Kitanomura park

I've just found a beautiful, big, moat-surrounded park not three minutes from the office here in Kudanshita. I can see this quickly becoming one of my favourite spots for reflection and relaxation 🙂


I'm missing blogging. There's a lot going on that I'd like to share – events, people, thoughts, feelings, and a lot of photos. My desire to blog grew stronger on the way home tonight as i checked my rss feeds on my iPhone – a lot of my blogging friends have been very active over […]

My new job

Starting a full-time job has been a funny experience. The first couple of days left me feeling somewhat stunned. The commute to work is not exactly relaxing. The train gets so full you have those white-gloved station staff pushing you on. Wedged in by salary men, nose pressed up against the glass. I’ve sorted out […]

Third anniversary

We're sitting at the kitchen table, eating third anniversary curry. Happy anniversary us! (insert appropriate photo of happy couple)

Our first professional engagement as a couple

The lack of broadband at home has finally driven me out to an Internet cafe. I would just use our iPhone, but it’s a bit tedious when it comes to long texts, and also I needed to use Skype …although now I’m here I find that you’re not allowed to talk in this place. Oh […]

Sunday morning, 7am

These days make me feel so happy and fortunate to be alive. Last night's event was something I won't forget, although I think I'll remember it more as some kind of mirage as all throughout it I couldn't quite believe it was happening (if I had believed it I would have panicked!). I'll write more […]

Twinkle Twinkle

Just had our hair done, nervous excitement on the rise as we learn our lines.

IBC – Inflammatory Breast Cancer

As the number of people I know or know of who have been diagnosed with or who have died from cancer increases, so the idea that it’s only something that affects other people fades away. My attitude these days is very different to what it was ten years ago. Today I was sent a link […]

Laser eyes, the work, the friends and the MCs

You find me sitting in the waiting room at the Shinagawa Laser Eye Clinic in central Tokyo. …feeling queasy. *Twinkle* has just been taken up to the 15th floor to have her eyes done, leaving me in the big waiting room on the floor below, stuck in front of a TV showing an instructional video […]