kami itabashi maples

I’m really glad I picked up photography again last year. The purchase of my Nikon D40x in July 2007, following years of making do with little Sony models, really turned things around for me – since then I’ve got enormous pleasure from composing and processing.

I’m now trying to make more use of some of the better shots in my collection of 23,000+. Photos are for being looked at, not just sitting on hard drives, thus they can now be seen decorating our walls at home, on the front of our business cards, and soon, in a series of 60 postcards I’ve having printed by moo.com. This time round is a trial to see what kinds of photos work as postcards. I’ll also experiment with mounting some. Those that stand out I’ll print our extra large and see if I can get them displayed somewhere.

One reason I’m doing this now is because the wife of one of my best mates suggested I do so, saying how much she liked my photography. Hearing that (second hand) really excited me, and got me thinking about just how important it is to give others feedback on their artistic (or similar) efforts.

It’s not that I’ve not done this in the past, I have, and continue to always try to do so, but I was struck by the scale of the impact that her kind words had upon my attitude towards my photography. Her few complimentary words truly inspired me – it’s important I bear this in mind when choosing to give feedback on others’ work.

Autumn is now arriving in Tokyo, something I always look forward to when in Japan. Just as with the spring time cherry blossoms, the autumnal maples often leave me dazed in wonder. I can’t help but take hundreds of photos in an attempt to capture the stunning colours that paint the parks.

It’s pretty therapeutic too, helping me to get back in touch with my natural surroundings.

Having recently discovered that Yoyogi park actually starts in Shibuya (and is not just in Yoyogi!) I’ll make an effort to pop in there soon when on my way to / from work at the private English school. Even if I only get a single shot that is worthy of publishing this autumn, it’ll be worth it.

It’s a shame I’m not inspired to take more photos during the week. Whilst sometimes I really get into looking at the urban landscape from odd angles (usually in search of patterns), at the moment that’s not where I want to focus.

Watch this space.