I'm missing blogging. There's a lot going on that I'd like to share –
events, people, thoughts, feelings, and a lot of photos.

My desire to blog grew stronger on the way home tonight as i checked
my rss feeds on my iPhone – a lot of my blogging friends have been
very active over the past few days.

But it's going to have to wait. Our ISP is not due to reconnect us
until next week, and attempts to attach our wireless transmitter to
next door's modem failed (but we're grateful for the offer).

I am able to connect at work, but the one hour lunchbreak tends to fly
by so fast that by the time I've dealt with email it's time to shut

Makes me aware of just what an important role blogging plays in my
feeling a part of the whole.

Anyway, this iPhone needs a rest now (having been used for over three

I'll be back.