Really enjoying this jogging thing. It started out as a weekly Sunday
morning meet up with Tom, but now I've found the Olympic park I'm
going three times a week.

Unfortunately Tom was unable to make it this morning, but I went along
in any case and joined the many men, women and children, young and old
for a few circuits. There's some big school meet going on in the main
stadium today, so there were hundreds of teenagers running about the place too.

I started timing my laps for the first time this morning. Each lap is
2.1km, so as you can see I'm not exactly a lightening Bolt yet, but it's early days (and i'm more interested in endurance)

As soon as we get the Internet back I'll download that exercise app for the iPhone. It uses gps to track how far you've run / average
speed etc.

It's good having next year's quarter marathon to train for, but I was also thinking I'd like to challenge myself to run a full marathon too, perhaps in a year from now. I know I'll have to do quite a bit of work
for it as my right knee still gives me grief sometimes (that's one reason I stopped this morning after 9km), but still, I've never
thought of myself as a runner, or someone who could run a marathon –
it would be good to challenge that belief.

Anyway, on with the day.

(post, unnecessry line breaks and screen shot courtesy of iPhone)

5 Responses

  1. Wow, that’s much better than I could ever do!!
    I’m feeling inspired to go running myself now, although it is 1.58 in the morning here so it might not be the best idea…

  2. Glad to have provided a little inspiration! I’m surprised at how quickly jogging has stopped being a chore and become something really enjoyable.

    But yes, 1.58am is a bit early perhaps… 🙂

  3. Setting your goal to a mini-marathon, I assumed you’d already read the memoir.

    It’s certainly piqued my interest and seems to be a great solution towards an overall healthy lifestyle.