Tuppa was never our household’s strong point.when we lived in Sheffield, we had these nasty little tubs with lids that had a habit of cracking. Whilst we did invest in some slightly higher quality recepticles, they didn’t last long, getting fried in a microwave at a Japan Soc food party.

Things didn’t improve much last year in Itabashi-ku. Just after we moved in we bought some 100 yen tuppa. The lids stopped fitting whenever anything remotely warm was put in them – but we never thought to do anything about it.

Thus, until now, I have been hesitant to take radish and carrot salad, fearful that it would escape its temporary unlockable home and run riot in my computer’s CD slot. I did not enjoy taking rice dishes to my work place, knowing that I may well end up picking the grains out from the bottom of my rucksack.

That has all changed now. Last week I made the Executive Decision to procure an entire set of the snazzily titled Lock and Lock series of food storage devices.

Our new flock of Lock n’ Locks positively encourage the creation of packed lunches. They hold our food with confidence, not a hint of hesitation when asked if they would like to host the day’s edibles.

Thus, I would encourage others who suffer as we once did to seek out a local shop that stocks them, and invest in the best tuppas you might ever own.

They will change your life. maybe.

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  1. Hey Joseph, Mike here (the guy from the Speech Contest). I find myself checking your blog more and more these days. Do you mind if I put a link to you from my site http://michaeldowney.net?

    Your new life sounds great! I hope I can find my way next year too when I graduate ^^

  2. Hi Michael,

    …and I read your blog whenever you post! I was just reading your latest entry whilst on the subway today!

    I’ve added you to my sidebar, and I’d be honoured to be linked to from your work of art.

    All the best for your final year.

  3. Cool – will do. I’m intrigued… What does my website look like on an iphone? Does it all fit?

  4. Thanks Mike!

    I’ll send you some screen shots if you like! Can’t seem to find your email – if you like, email me at

    joseph at tame goes wild dot com

    and I’ll reply with the shots 🙂