Last night I blogged briefly about the many things I’m up to now, and inferred that I was ok with doing so much.

Ironic then that the very act of writing that led me to a state of feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all!

I’;ve since remove the post although it will remain in the various feeds that it’s republished in.

Anyway, off to work now. Did 7.2km round the park this morning which makes me feel a bit better. Oh, and I’ve uploaded office Halloween party pictures to Flickr.

2 Responses

  1. I got your post on the feed, and it’s a shame that you can’t leave it up as it’s a good review of what you’re doing. Maybe you’ll feel better about it as time passes and repost it.

    I did want to mention in regards to cooking rice that people make it into such a big deal but it’s really not that hard. I also tossed our rice cooker about a decade ago because it was too big and there was no place for it. We also do not eat rice all the time. I make rice in a normal pan on an ancient gas table with no problems.

    Sometimes I wonder if people have come to rely too much on gadgets for relatively basic tasks.

  2. Thanks for that orchid64.

    We also cook our rice on the gas when our induction thing is busy, and like you say, it’s easy. Quick than any other method too. And uses less energy I’d bet as most rice cookers are designed to stay on to keep the rice warm.

    Perhaps it’s just my imagination but rice seems to taste better when cooked in saucepan too!