peanut letter00059

It’s worth complaining in Japan.

Last week, we bought some butter peanuts. They were very nice …apart from two of them which seemed to be kind of burnt in the middle.

I didn’t really think much of it, but *Twinkle* insisted that we send the remaining few peanuts back to the manufacturer.

So we did.

Fast forward three days and I have completely forgotten about said peanuts. I return to an empty home and find a letter on the table (pictured). I pick it up and read it.

I am very confused. I scan the letter and see multiple references to peanuts, and then profuse apologies. Who on earth is sending us hand-written apologies, and why on earth are they talking about peanuts?

It was only once I’d eaten the whole (new) pack of deep-fried soya beans that were lying on the table next to a new pack of peanuts that it clicked – these were the replacements for the two faulty peanuts!

I turned the letter over, and there were two stamps attached with a paperclip – the refund of our postage. I re-read the letter in its entirety – it now made sense.

So, the lesson is, when you find yourself with a pair of dodgy nuts, it will probably pay to write a letter of complaint.

So there you go.