[Watch Obama’s victory speech in full on the BBC]

What an historic day. A day I am very happy to be alive and witnessing. Bloomin’ marvellous.

I’ve been looking at photos of reactions around the world for the last hour. Reading the editorials, learning about Obama’s background. It’s clear that a lot of the world is as happy as I am.

What a day for democracy! This is really what it’s all about. Millions of people simultaneously saying “Yes, we want change”. It makes me proud to be, er, British, with American friends.

This is not just the election of a new president, this could be the beginning of a significant change in direction for a country we love to hate. The election of Obama could fundamentally alter my attitude towards the US. I might even find myself wanting to visit there again. No, but seriously, I feel the barriers are melting.

For me, Obama represents the diversity of the modern multicultural world we now live in. Here’s a quote from the Guardian:

Barack Obama won the US presidential election by building a broad rainbow coalition of voters embracing younger people under 45, black people, Hispanics, independents, moderates, people from most income groups, and women.

White males apart, McCain attracted majority support in a limited number of categories, including older Americans, evangelical Christians, and conservatives – the bedrock of the Republican base. This apparent narrowing of the GOP’s appeal will fuel speculation about the end of the Republican “era” that began in 1980 with the election of Ronald Reagan.

Reagan owed his victory to so-called Reagan Democrats, southern white blue-collar workers.

In the age of Obama, it is upwardly mobile, middle class suburban and ex-urban voters who are now changing the paradigm and setting the pace in states such as North Carolina and Virginia. Increasingly, they identify with the Democrats.

I’ve never paid any attention to US political parties before now, but I learnt a fair bit today, and am delighted the Democrats are in.

And check out his environmental policies! This is such good news for the world after years of a pro-oil anti-reform administration. The Earth can breath a sigh of relief!

What a great role model he is. What an inspiration. Ahh, it’s bloomin marvellous. I’m so happy. This is a time to embrace.

hmmm. I’m going to watch his speech on race now.