nighttime maple_1624

It’s been another of those non-stop weeks. Work has been dominant, with my learning more about what my role at the company really is, something which had been a little unclear. We also had our end of year party last night, at which I did the half-yearly drinking-way-too-much thing – I was still plastered this morning, but carried out a pretty thorough anti-hangover procedure the details of which I won’t share with you here for fear of making you feel sick. Still, it worked.

natural blur

nighttime maple_1629

The feeling at the moment is very much one of making the most of every single precious day. Although there is little downtime, I’m feeling a lot of joy and satisfaction in what I’m doing, thus when we do finally get to bed we can rest in peace.

It’s a shame I don’t feel it’s appropriate to put blogging further up my list of regular activities to be done. Having said that, I’ve become a compulsive Twitterer as visitors to the web edition of The Daily Mumble will know (those reading via RSS miss out on my 140 character words of, er, stuff, although my tweets are available via this feed). I love posting tweets, gives me an enourmous sense of wellbeing… I love being able to embed links to photo too 🙂

Shibuya, the city that never sleeps. Well, actually, it’s quite sleepy at 4am. Note sea of people


Next thing you know I’ll be setting up iJoseph.TV…

Anyway, must tidy the house. Visitors tomorrow, after a jog in the park and a day spent with Bibi in the mountains 🙂


p.s. Good luck to all those around the world taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test tomorrow (#jlpt)