In Today’s video blog you can learn about the wonders of the three-stage Japanese light fitting, and find out how I coped when the phone rang.

8 Responses

  1. Last night I dreamed about light fixtures (for the first time in my life) and then you blogged about yours today. I keep having dreams about unusual incidental things I encounter the next day.

    At any rate, please tell your lovely Twinkle that Americans don’t have the market cornered on speaking like a spazz, nor is it a particularly American trait. Believe it or not, we all don’t speak like hammy AM radio announcers.

    1. that’s a clever trick. Let me know if you dream of me meeting Steve Jobs so I can be sure to wear the Apple sticker on my head that day.

  2. Brilliant =D Sounded more like an Aussie than American at times (eerily like one of my Aussie cousins even) .

    I love Japanese lights though! I brought a couple of table lamps back with me (2006 Summer) from Yokohama that did that, but they broke in my luggage and I never managed to fix them.

    In any case, late here and sleep time. Hope you enjoyed your toast!

    1. i also think those light fixtures are gravity-defying as the bit that sticks them to the ceiling is possibly about as strong as a piece of dandruff.