Having bought the most amazing computer in the whole world ever, I realised I needed to push myself beyond the confines of email and random web surfing, and into production, in order to justify the financial outlay.

This happened to coincide with that gala event at the Tokyo Hilton, at which I was seated on the Freinds-of-fatblueman YouTube table.

Well, sitting with them for several hours couldn’t fail to rub off on me, and so, a couple of weeks later, here we are, making YouTube videos.

The idea for this one came to me last Sunday morning. I had to go to the office to pick up the transformer for my mac that I’d left behind the previous night, and decided to make a brief stop at Kitanomaru park. I wanted to make a tribute video to Susan Boyle, as I’d been really taken with her voice.

It was only later that I decided that it might be fun to take the video outside of the park and onto the trains.

Whilst this video ends in Shibuya, the footage doesn’t. I’ll be posting another video in due course.

I’m using the making and promoting of this video for educational purposes. This is the first time I’ve ever used Final Cut (Apple’s pro-video editing software), and the first time I’ve done anything other than simple uploading with YouTube.

I think the lack of reactions on the train says a lot about Japan, or at least Tokyo. It’s only by isolating yourself in your own little world that you can survive.


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  1. You are immensely brave. I will note though, that the Japanese are probably fully accustomed to the idea of British men dressed like women thanks to the pepper pot women on Monty Python, particularly since they form so much of their image of foreigners from popular entertainment. They probably think you do it all the time.

    The hairstyle really flattered you though. You might want to consider a change in the future.

    1. Thanks orchid64! Had I done it at rush hour on a weekday (and not one lovely sunny Sunday afternoon) the reaction may have been a little different!

  2. You have given me inspiration for when I go back to Japan. Thanks for that. After being stared at and stared out on the train in Tokyo, i think next time I too will get up and sing a song, give them something to *really* stare at. πŸ™‚

  3. I hate to sound American but….oh…my….god….no you didn’t…my British friend is trying to explain this to me…something about English eccentricity LOL.

    Where do you get the chutzpah Joseph???

  4. Joseph…what can I say. Absolutely horrendous, on every level. Since your new-found quasi-fame from crudely strapping an iPhone to your head whilst running the Tokyo marathon, your ego appears to be mushroom-clouding. You’re not Robin Williams. It’s just annoying.

    In general, I must admit I’m not keen on these vlog’s. As much as I love seeing your face, I’m afraid you just come across as slightly ADD, unfunny and (crucially) unnatural. Your “normal” blogs are more considered and insightful and, consequently, more interesting.

    However, this latest “zany” stunt is just monumentally embarrassing. And not in a good way. Let me break this down:
    (1) You are in your 30s
    (2) You are hoping to become a father
    …and while your wife is at work, working God-knows-what-hours, THIS is how you choose to spend your time? I thought the whole “Pepe” thing was VERY odd (Freud would have a field-day) but this is…I’m speechless. I have no doubt you’ll tell me to “chill out”, it’s “just a bit of fun” and not to be so “uptight” but I don’t care. I just can’t LOL-along with this debacle. I’m sorry.

    I thought the “time to grow up” revelation marked a watershed, I was wrong. Ridiculous.

    Not sure if this post qualifies as “nice” : P

  5. Also, I think the lack of responses from people comes from the fact they may have thought you were mentally ill. As everyone who has ever lived in a big city knows – if there is a nutter in the vicinity – avoid eye contact, don’t react, don’t draw attention to yourself. Simple as.

  6. Dear me, Anon. Nutters at large? Come and visit Brixton!

    Made me laugh though, Joseph. Good ambassadorial skills there – although what Anon says does have a slight ring of truth; people in cities do tend to blank potential nutters. However,I don’t imagine this kind of behaviour will prevent you from becoming a dad and don’t see why it was necessary to mention this.

    Susan Boyle has gone world-wide, eh?

    Enjoy reading your blog, though haven’t commented till now.

    1. Thank you Emsk, your comment is much appreciated.
      My wife has not requested separate beds despite having been on the actual train in question at the time of the spectacle… !

      Shall do my best to stay original and imaginative. However that may manifest itself!

  7. Ballsy, dude. I keep wanting to pull some public what-the-f**k stuff like that in Tokyo, but haven’t gotten inspiration yet.

  8. Hurrah for the return of anonymous.

    Where can I get myself an anonymous?

    Oh well – just have to make do with my internal dialogue for now…

    (Must go now – need to find out what Freud did actually have to say about penguins…)

    love Stephen

  9. Wow! Was there a point when you had second thoughts? I mean in the park and the first station it was all quite quiet… but the train to Shibuya?? Are you mad?!!

    Made me smile though, which was what I needed sat at my desk.

    Keep inspiring!

  10. Hilarious!! I would need to be blind drunk to even consider doing something like that!!

    As for anonymous.

    1) I’m nearly 30 and the only thing I’m losing is my hair, certainly not my sense of humour.

    2) Is the lack of your actual name, something to do with the fact you actually realise how sad, boring and dull you sound? Still the good news is anonymous that recognising you have a problem is the first step on the road to overcoming it!