Recently there’s been times when 140 characters just hasn’t been enough, but I know when I get home I won’t be able to justify making time to blog.

So a few minutes ago whilst riding the yamanote line from near shinbashi to Shibuya, I decided to reinstall the WordPress blog app on my iPhone.

And here I am. It seems to be working.

I’m on my way home from the Appliya party, this time held on the 25th floor of Softbank HQ. Appliya, you will recall, is a Tokyo based iPhone developer, and has family ties to Softbank.

It was good to see friends there. Steve, Andrew, Danny and Johnny to name but a few. Steve had his camera equipped with the amazing Eye-fi SD wifi card – it uploads photos to multiple sites from any camera that uses SD – as you take them.

Change if subject: more gloom at our company as several more staff are asked to leave due to the recession. Needless to say any idea of job security has flown out of the window, and encourages me to continue down my path.

Good news there:

I’ve been asked to do a second regular slot on the metpod – and this is before our first slot has even gone live! The dream is turning into a reality. There may be further opportunities there, but it’s too early to tell.

We also got word that we’re on for filming backstage at the cirque du soleil early next month. This is tremendously exciting for us, a real chance for us to show what we (at pokya) are capable of.

Oh, and I’m delighted and privileged to be able to interview Arudou Debito next week too – most foreigners in japan will be aware of the important work he does to fight for our rights. He’ll also have an article in the Japan Times next week – watch out for that.

None of this stuff makes me any money – it’s all done in my spare time, for the love of it. Well, not just for the love of it. It’s perhaps more to see just what I am capable of. It’s an experiment. The thing is, if I realise this short term dream of mine to become a well known / respected producer/ presenter, that will provide me with confirmation that as humans we really do have enourmous potential to bring about positive change, and empower me to strive to reach far grander goals.

As I move from being a talker to a doer I am struck by how many of us do hold back from pursuing our dreams.

Anyway, I’ve just reached our front door.

There’s no spellcheck on this app so
Please do correct my errors in your head.


P.s. Thanks to Darryl for taking the photo.

2 Responses

  1. It’s my fervent hope that what you’re doing now in your free time for no pay is laying the groundwork for you to one day (sooner rather than later) be doing what you love for money. I like to believe that putting your best creative energy and effort out there and acting with the best intentions toward people will eventually pay off. I don’t mean literally that you will get rich or even necessarily that money is the ultimate goal, but I think if you behave productively and seek to help people, it is a reasonable reward by the universe (and you can define that as “God”, “fate” or t”he way in which the electrons spin in response the behavior of your electrons”) to eventually be able to make a modest living through your efforts.

    As always, I wish you the very best, and I hope things start looking up at the company soon for the sake of all of the people I know there and care about.

    1. Thanks Orchid64 – that’s my thinking too. Half of the fun is finding out how the pay back manifests itself, as it’s often in unexpected ways!